Hypnotic Wind Powered Kinetic Sculptures

October 4, 2018

15 Responses to “Hypnotic Wind Powered Kinetic Sculptures”

  1. Diane Peake Says:

    I love it!

    • dumboldguy Says:

      Look here! Chucky has made a 100% relevant contribution for a change. Rates a 10 on a 10 point scale Way to go, Chucky!

      • rhymeswithgoalie Says:

        Oh, get back on your OCD meds.

        • dumboldguy Says:

          Didn’t think you had such a thin skin, RWG. Just as I did when I was a school administrator, I try to encourage proper behavior whenever I see it among those who often misbehave, and that’s all I was trying to do with Chucky.

        • Sir Charles Says:

          I have decided that I won’t feed the troll any more, rhymeswithgoalie. It guides you to nowhere.

          • redskylite Says:

            What do I know about the “Dumb Old Man”. ? He fought in the Vietnam war and is somewhat older than 70 year old I, he reads great books and has had a good education, held a respected managerial position, was concerned at the nuclear proliferation in earlier times, deeply concerned about Global Warming, owned and drove a Morgan (the best sports car of all time). Sounds like a great regular guy, living in a great community.

            Gets a bit grumpy and I guess is getting frayed by all the lack of progress in fighting Climate Change, takes it out on fellow concerned sometime I’m afraid. But he is No Troll. Don’t know too much about Sir Charles, except he is Irish and is also concerned about Climate Change due to human practices. Certainly not a Russian bastard troll.

            As far as I’m concerned the people who matter the most are those who are innocent and suffering from others in their industrial practices and actions (such as Pacific Islanders) and the young and future generations.

            Many good people read these blogs – They do not want to see petty bickering among bloggers. They want to see hope and progress. There still is hope and there still is progress – read the media that still is concerned with tackling the problems. Peter does a good job at announcing all the components, while producing short informative videos and giving presentations, talks etc. Hang in there there will be victories.

          • dumboldguy Says:

            Thanks for the kind words, RedSky.

            One correction needed—-don’t want to be accused of “stealing valor”. I didn’t fight in Vietnam. I was in the USMCR during college (and after) from 1959 to 1965 (the last year in the Inactive Reserves). Got “warning” letters about possible callups in 1960 for Berlin, 1962 for Cuba, and 1964 for Vietnam, was at Camp Lejeune for a 2-week summer camp when the Tonkin Gulf incident occurred, but the politicians decided to leave the Reserves alone.

            I will try to moderate my “grumpiness”. Since Sir Charles has beaten me to a bloody pulp here so many times, it is probably a wise “survival” move. Thank goodness he has decided not to “feed me” any more.

            (and I’m sorry I didn’t keep my Morgan—it WAS the best sports car of all time)

          • Sir Charles Says:

            Point taken, redskylite. Just one thing. Anyone who has followed the ‘debate’ must agree that it wasn’t me starting with ad hominem insults. And when someone feels fit to give out then he or she should also be able to take a portion.

            As I said, I won’t feed the troll any more. Boring repetitions anyway. But I will flag harassing comments in future with this image:

          • dumboldguy Says:

            Leave it to Sir Chucky to NOT know when to leave well enough alone. Here he is posting an injudicious (and truly dumb) comment at 2 AM Ireland time THREE days after Redsky posted his message.

            Why would he do this rather than let sleeping DOGS lie? May I suggest that he spent the night imbibing Guinness, was a bit fuzzy-headed, and just COULDN’T resist attempting to “score” some points in what he calls “the debate” (in which he is so far behind that he’s in a different time zone—-too bad his D-K doesn’t allow him to see that).

            It’s time for a full commentary on Chucky (the real Troll here)—-I will do so as a new comment to gain full width on the page. First need to mow the lawn. Later.

  2. cagedunn Says:

    Reblogged this on Cage Dunn: Writer, Author, Teller-of-tall-tales and commented:
    Beauty and purpose …

  3. If only everything regarding wind was small-scale and benign!

    The opposite is true in the world of energy, where they’re talking of 1,000-foot wind turbines and selling out the oceans, worldwide, especially since the latest climate report gives us 11+ years until a tipping point. Just watching all the drones idling with their smartphones tells me this can’t be solved. That same blind mentality of technology-as-magic is behind the wind power scourge.

    We’re in for a lot more of this blight if quasi-environmental growthism isn’t stopped: https://www.google.com/search?tbm=isch&q=wind+farm+ocean

    You can never really hide wind turbines at sea but that’s the so-called answer to onshore resistance. Greendustrial nature from all vantage points is the new normal among “environmentalists” who’ve forgotten their original purpose. They’re trying to save bloated civilization, not nature itself.

    A lot of these green-tech blogs are written by urban engineers and media producers, not naturalists or rural residents directly affected by tower invasions. Environmentalism has been swallowed by the same growthist elements that it claims to fight. Everyone has to make a buck and nature keeps losing.


    • dumboldguy Says:

      ROTFLMAO! It’s bad enough that RS doesn’t “respect silence” enough to NOT come around to Crock to spout his nonsense, but this collection of “horror photos” he has assembled is actually a set of links to some very good articles on the POSITIVE impacts of wind power at sea and the many successes it is having around the world. I clicked on several and got some good info—-might even bookmark this comment as a reference. LOL.

      Way to go, Don Quixote! Get them windmills! (But don’r shoot off any more toes—-it’ll be hard to stay in the stirrups if you do)

      • dumboldguy Says:

        PS I was referring to the first link as a good one—wind+farm+ocean, not the second—blight+for+naught, which is the usual mindless ranting of those who would have us all dead because wind turbines destroy the view.

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