For Farmers, Wind Energy might mean Survival

September 25, 2018

I’m not a farmer, but my son is. I like to think it’s an indicator that perhaps I did something right in life.

Farming is hard.
A farmers job is to scratch a living off a piece of land in a way that is sustainable for him and for his children going forward. If he’s lucky, he makes enough money to put food on the table, send his kids to school, and provide for some kind of retirement.
His job is to steward the land and all that lives on it and in it, preserve the rural character of the community from sprawl and careless development, feed himself, and in doing so, feed the rest of us – in a world that is rapidly heading toward 9 billion hungry mouths.

His job is not to provide an unchanging pastoral backdrop for some city folk’s imagined retirement or second home lifestyle – but that is the weapon that is being used by cynical fossil fuel interests to bludgeon small town councils and boards and intimidate residents into restrictive wind ordinances.

The farmers and enlightened land owners are fighting back, and I’m doing everything I can to help them. Stay tuned.

4 Responses to “For Farmers, Wind Energy might mean Survival”

  1. They sure won’t mean survival for all the species they’re decimating, even if you don’t care about all the scenery being spun to death.


    Per those articles, wind turbines are killing not just directly but indirectly as they decimate birds’ and bats’ natural control of smaller species, and simply scare others off with noise. I’m sure you’ll gin-up some lie to the contrary, but those articles are not from hack sources like this blog.

    Your longstanding defense of this rapacious industry is being debunked more and more. Many of us knew it was bad for years just because of the sprawl. You can’t build things that large and noisy and pretend they’re harmless because you’ve branded them “green.”

    • dumboldguy Says:

      I missed this post three months ago. Apparently, so did perhaps the greatest NON-respecter of ‘silence” to ever visit Crock. Ranting and raving RS.

      Either RS is borderline mentally ill or he is a paid shill for the fossil fuel interests. If the first is true, someone get him help—if it’s the second, ignore him.

      • Mentally ill? I simply give a damn about ALL of nature, you dumb ol’ wind shill. You must be on a wind energy payroll somewhere, with such tunnel-vision. Reasonable people admit to the downsides while zealots shriek at all critics of their pet projects.

        You people should at least stop calling yourselves “environmentalists.” You have no regard for the physical blight these machines are causing. You just yearn for more open land and water invaded by machines that barely work half the time.

        Most of you are the eco-equivalent of Tesla fanatics who drool over the acceleration and engineering, leaving the green part as a convenient badge. Elon Musk’s mission to “save the planet” is a farce for the sake of rich people’s toys, just like wind turbines enriching land developers.

        Climate change and longstanding environmental problems will NOT be solved by sprawling industrial projects built by fossil fuels. It’s just common sense.

        • dumboldguy Says:

          Actually, I too don’t care for wind turbines all that much, for the same reasons you don’t—-I support them only because they are HERE NOW and one of the few ways we have to reduce carbon emissions in the near term.

          If you yourself are truly not a shill for fossil fuels, then I DO wish you would get some help for your unhealthy and rabid obsession with wind power.

          Considering all the damage humans do in so may ways to ALL of nature, it’s odd that you or anyone else could get so worked up and display such true tunnel vision.

          As for “physical blight” goes, when you get right down to it, cities, roads, dams, bridges, farms, railroads, suburban subdivisions, cars. and ships are all “physical blight”—-MAN and ALL his works are unnatural (at least since he became “civilized”).

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