Accused Abortion Smoothie Monster Jason Miller on Trump and Climate

September 23, 2018

Skip to 4:11 if rushed.

Trump spokesman recently named in court documents “of slipping an abortion pill into his pregnant girlfriend’s smoothie”. (is there anyone that doubts this?)
Climate denier, natch.

16 Responses to “Accused Abortion Smoothie Monster Jason Miller on Trump and Climate”

  1. dumboldguy Says:

    Jason Miller is typical of the disgusting human garbage piles Trump has surrounded himself with. Absolutely appalling.

      • dumboldguy Says:

        I’ll say it again, Chucky—-we don’t need you to tell us what a moron our Moron-In-Chief is. We are aware of each and every act of his stupidity without your help. Too much of it will make us think you’re a Russian Troll who is just trying to sow dissension and aggravate divisions in the U.S.

        • Sir Charles Says:

          Get back to your pillow, old grumpy.

          • dumboldguy Says:


          • Keith Omelvena Says:

            Wasn’t expecting that as I scrolled down. You made my day:-)

          • Sir Charles Says:

            This xenophobic bigmouth doesn’t deserve better.

          • dumboldguy Says:

            OD’d on Guinness again, Chucky? Must have, or you wouldn’t be posting such confused crap as “This xenophobic bigmouth doesn’t deserve better”.

            Why did you make this post? Feeling guilty about being an out-of-control asshole and trying to excuse your stupidity? Don’t worry about it—-you may be an asshole, but you’re OUR asshole and a cross we must bear until Peter bans you.

            And “xenophobic”? Just because I find ONE moronic Irishman to be a pest, I’m a xenophobe? Haven’t I told you that my real first name is Timothy, I’m married to a Mary Margaret, and I have a daughter named Kathleen?

            And speaking of “bigmouths”, NO ONE comes close to you in terms of the volume of posting you have done on Crock since your arrival, and my finely honed crap detectors continue to vibrate over when and where you post and the content of many of your postings. i AM not kidding when I say that your anti-Americanism and “butting in” are tactics that Russian trolls use to sow dissension in this country.

            Grow up.

          • Sir Charles Says:

            Just read all your replies to me on this website and feel guilty, dumb old guy. Over and out.

          • mboli Says:

            Is there a way to flag these things?

  2. al mar Says:

    My question: Why is this monster CNN’s go-to-guy? He should not be interviewed for a story, he should BE the story.

    This is a great example of what Aaron Sorkin called “a bias toward fairness.”

  3. smithpd1 Says:

    It will be great to have Jason Miller kicked off CNN. What a dolt. Now we need Kelly Ann Conway to disappear. I will be less tempted to throw a shoe at the TV.

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