Even In Trump Era, GOP Must Still Pretend to Care about Environment

September 20, 2018

Hypocrisy is the tribute vice pays to virtue, and nowhere more evident here.

Well known as a racist and Trump sycophant, (but I repeat myself..) Florida Gubernatorial candidate Ron DeSantis recently told reporters that sea level rise, might indeed be related to global warming. (how could we possibly know, right?)

DeSantis currently down 6 points in polling against Democrat Andrew Gillum.

2 Responses to “Even In Trump Era, GOP Must Still Pretend to Care about Environment”

  1. mboli Says:

    My own Rep joined the Climate Solutions Caucus earlier this year. This guy never met a greenhouse gas he didn’t like. He is a member of the Methane Liberation Front, having voted for the several bills to free the methane from government oppressive regulation. He reliably votes against everything climate related, and has a 3% rating overall from the League of Conservation Voters.

    So he joined the Climate Solutions Caucus, and proceeded (as did most Republicans) to vote against his Republican caucus chair in several votes this summer on the subject of carbon taxes. He hasn’t changed any of his positions, he just joined the caucus as a kind of greenwashing.

    I presume it is because he is in a close election for the first time in his career. Just this week he posted a note about meeting with the climate change student association from a local college. He made sure to have a photo-op walking with the students through the woods, and made sure to mention he belongs to the climate change caucus.

    But it is all a lie. It has been only a few weeks since his votes against any form of carbon tax.

    • Abel Adamski Says:

      Shock horror, it can’t be so, a crooked GOP candidate – unheard of.
      Pass the smelling salts or maybe a stiff brandy

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