New Video: Textbook Trauma – The Emotional Cost of Climate Change

September 18, 2018

7 Responses to “New Video: Textbook Trauma – The Emotional Cost of Climate Change”

  1. philip6464 Says:

    Very interesting post. Certainly chimes with my experience of climate change denial – people not wanting to take on board that their actions and/or way of life have unwittingly created the problem, and that change (ever unwelcome especially when prompted by others) may be required to correct it.
    One reason why denial is more natural to people of a right-wing disposition, is that they already feel they are being asked to feel guilty about an endless catalog of problems: environmental destruction, inequality, hunger in the developing world, or just being rich. It is easier to dismiss discussion of these issues, or sneer at them as “virtue signaling” than face the challenges head on.

    • Russell Cook (@QuestionAGW) Says:

      Guys — take a step back and look at yourselves in the mirror. What do you see? Emotional wrecks who’ve inflicted yourselves with this debilitating problem because you base your thinking on pure unbridled emotion, not logical analysis or critical thinking of the complete issue. Look no farther than Dr Myhre’s “Cheerios” analogy – she offers a patently ridiculous emotional retreat at the terrifying thought of being labeled an irresponsible parent when ANY other clear-thinking person would calmly reply, “what’s your evidence proving Cheerios are lethal?”

      FYI, courtesy of Peter’s own tip about a prior Myhre video, I did my own blog post back in January titled “People Respond to Emotions, They Don’t Respond to Facts,” based on one of her own wild quotes:

      Friends, call me every name in the book, accuse me of any treachery you can think of. But look yourself in the mirror and ask if you have any actual evidence you could present to unemotional, disinterested bystanders that proves your position. Meanwhile, I still welcome you to the world of logical reasoning and critical thinking where you will be freed from an ideology which currently only brings you nothing but self-destructive feelings. Why would you shun happiness resulting from confidence, and mire in misery and self-loathing?

  2. Ann Says:

    Great video and helpful to me personally as I acknowledge my own sense of sorrow at the complicity of simply living my life. And helpful in gaining a better sense of why the denial in others. I hadn’t really understood the why’s until now. Thank you!

  3. Roger Walker Says:

    Yes, interesting post. Something for communicators to bear in mind.

    I read the title and, even before launching the video, the first thing that came to mind was an all caps ANGER!

    Because I follow the blogs, I read the books and I know how deep in the shit we are.

    ANGER because, thanks to Klein, Oreskes & Conway, Harari, Hamilton, Patel & Moore, etc, etc, I know how we got into this fucking mess.

    And GRIEF. Humans are capable of creating things of inspiring beauty, from the Goldberg Variations to mind-blowing images of distant nebulae. We’re barely out of the cradle and there’s virtually no limit to what we could achieve. Yet we’re on the cusp of throwing it all away.

    • dumboldguy Says:

      Yep, David Grinspoon in Earth in Human Hands maintains that the Anthropocene is actually beginning right now, that everything else has been prelude—-that we are only now beginning to grasp the damage we have done and begun to THINK about how we may undo it. That if we manage to “fix” things, we will truly be worthy of having our name on a segment of the geologic time scale. (And anger and grief ARE appropriate responses).

  4. Steven Walser Says:

    Why, if AGW is such an problem do the climatistas have to lie so much? Why do they repeatedly claim that every big hurricane or even unusual storm is proof of climate change when they are no such thing? Why do they continue to lie and ignore the lack of what they themselves call the biggest marker of human caused global warming, the equatorial tropospheric heating?
    If you’d like to lose the shame and anger then actually look into the facts and you will find that the theory of AGW has been falsified in it’s own terms. Quit being played for a sucker!.

  5. Glen Koehler Says:

    Peter – Thank you for all you great work, and especially for this one. Understanding the human dimension is key to solving a human problem.
    The only silver lining I see is that this issue forces us to become more environmentally and spiritually wise. I hope we grow fast enough to minimize the pain and avoid “throwing it all away” as Roger Walker said.

    A great article posted today at ThinkProgress:
    A season of climate anxiety: what psychologists have to say
    “You cannot have a healthy society that is scared.”
    Kyla Mandel Sep 19, 2018,

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