PBS NewsHour: How Climate Loads the Hurricane Dice

September 15, 2018

8 Responses to “PBS NewsHour: How Climate Loads the Hurricane Dice”

  1. J4Zonian Says:

    I think of it in terms of 4 dimensions of increased threat rather than 3. I don’t know if the science is showing it conclusively yet, but it seems clear that storms are also moving slower, getting stuck over some places so they dump tremendous amounts of rain in one area, increasing the damage, the cost and difficulty of dealing with it and the death and injury toll.

    • J4Zonian Says:

      But PS, yes, he was great–clear, concise, measured, confident, focused… How come we haven’t seen him before?

      • redskylite Says:

        agree a very clear competent communicator – just the sort we need more of right now.

      • Russell Cook (@QuestionAGW) Says:

        Might want to tune into the PBS NewsHour more often if that kind of content bolsters your beliefs. Avid watcher such as myself can tell you (quantified here http://gelbspanfiles.com/?page_id=3834 ) that this is Dr Horton’s seventh appearance on the program, unopposed and unquestioned in his viewpoints, I should add.

        • Russell Cook (@QuestionAGW) Says:

          “Avid watchers” plural. (pre-emptive strike against those of you who love to criticize typos, which none of us are immune to)

        • dumboldguy Says:

          Here’s Russell, the Heartland denier troll, complaining that Horton has made seven appearances on NewsHour and was “unopposed and unquestioned” in his viewpoints. ROTFLMAO! That’s because NewsHour does not believe in “balancing” Horton’s real science with horseshit propaganda and untruths from deniers like Russell.

          WARNING! DO NOT visit Russell’s site—-GlobsOfS**T.com—-unless you want to be misled and nauseated. I also find it more than a bit ironic that Russell complains about opposing viewpoints being excluded from NewsHour. when he himself does not allow any open comments on his site. Hypocrisy anyone?

          • Russell Cook (@QuestionAGW) Says:

            So, in a technical sense, you note that our friend “J4Zonian” displays a level of ignorance about presenters appearing on a program that is one he’d greatly favor. I wonder if that’s where your other downvote comes from.

            Meanwhile, as I stated from the start at GelbspanFiles, I don’t have the time to devote to opposing viewpoints. The PBS NewsHour, of course, does. Tell us: can you point to any official statement on their part where they explained why they don’t permit critical science viewpoints from people who clearly have the PhD level science credentials to do so?

            Odd that you call me a ‘Heartland denier troll’ (not sure what the denier bit means, though). I’ve been an unpaid contributor of material to RedState as well. Is there some reason why you’ve never called me a RedState troll? And I did contribute a piece ( https://archive.is/WpdFN ) — unpaid — to DailyKos, too. By your standard, I’d equally be a DailyKos denier troll, too (whatever ‘denier’ is supposed to mean).

            One more thing: while you can’t place comments at my blog, you can right here, at least, if it otherwise turns out that Peter would rather not have you pen a guest post. So, since you imply you’ve read my blog post material in depth, then there is literally nothing stopping you from selecting, say, just five of the hundred+ posts I’ve written, and spell out in detail right here what exactly are the “misleading” items in my pieces and exactly why those items are “nauseating.” I’m sure many readers here look to you for this favor so they could say with confidence why my work should be avoided. Hate to say it, friend, but the longer you appear to greedily keep this ‘valuable information’ to yourself about what’s in my blog, the more it looks like you have something to hide on what you’ve seen within it.

            Stand and deliver, friend. All eyes on you now, who are looking to you for leadership on this thing, which I term a cancer within the AGW that’s eating it up from the inside.

  2. dumboldguy Says:

    Here’s Russell, back in all his splendid sliminess and duplicity, saying “stand and deliver” and “all eyes are on me” (pardon me while I puke). He accuses me of hiding the truth and that I don’t want people to see the truth in his blog (pardon me while I puke again).

    Yes, Russell is very good at trying to turn things back against others, a talent he has developed not only as a Heartland Troll, but as a Troll for American Stinker, Breitbart.com, Red State, ClimateGateCountryClub:,Global Warming.org, WattsUpWithThat, and other garbage right wing sites that lie about the science of AGW and instead push non-scientific ideologically based denier crap.

    Sorry, Russell, but it won’t wash, and the down votes that you, Jeffy4Z, and one or two other science-ignorant morons give me are actually a source of pride. I get them even when I make comments that are 100% NON-objectionable in any way, meaning that they are coming from impotent morons that are too stupid to argue facts with me and too gutless to “stand and deliver” as much as their names.

    Russell asks “….can you point to any official statement on their part where they (PBS NewsHour) explained why they don’t permit critical science viewpoints from people who clearly have the PhD level science credentials to do so?” Slimy, slimy, Russell. Why should any legitimate news program that is trying to help educate people with the scientific truth have to give those WHORES you speak of any time on their show? 99% of the folks with PhD science credentials agree that AGW is a problem and getting worse—you (with NO science credentials AT ALL) and the other WHORES can go spout your crap on WUWT et al. It is time to stop demanding equal time for your horseshit, Russell—-everyone but the ignorant knows that it’s a false equivalency argument you’re making.

    I’d like to see the piece you “contributed” (read “tried to sneak in”) to Daily KOS—-it has been taken down—-got another link? Is it on GlobsOfSh**TFiles?

    And finally, how many times are you going to suggest that I crap up Crock with ANY real mention or analysis of your stuff? It’s bad enough that we have to disinfect Crock after the few messages that you DO post here. I’ve looked at your blog enough times to suffer temporary IQ point loss and actual feelings of nausea—-I’m sure other Crockers have also, and you may recall that your comments here are met with universal rejection (except of course, from your fellow DOG haters and the thumbs up that you admittedly HACK for yourself.

    Go away, Russell!

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