Tesla Model 3 Sales Soar

September 9, 2018


Car Sales by Revenue – August 2018

Media: Elon Musk smokes Joint.

I’ll have what he’s having.


Despite intense media scrutiny around Tesla’s Model 3 “production hell” ramp, and Elon Musk’s take-Tesla-private drama, Tesla now has the #1 best selling car in the US. You may think that was a typo, but read on.

Tesla has finally executed on its vision of bringing a truly mass market car to the US, with solid results in July and August pointing to a record third quarter. In August, Tesla’s Model 3 became a top 5 best selling car in the US by units, behind popular cars from Toyota and Honda that start at less than $25,000, compared to Tesla’s current starting price of $49,000. (Note: The car category does not include SUVs and trucks.)

lthough Tesla did not exceed other gasoline cars in terms of unit sales, it was by far the best selling electric vehicle, taking nearly 50% market share of all electric vehicles, according to InsideEVs estimates, and the Model S and X took another 15%.

Because of Tesla’s high starting price and compelling options, which are also expensive, Tesla’s average selling price for the Model 3 surged past $55,759 according to Twitter user Troy Teslike, who polls people who order Model 3s and publishes a variety of resulting statistics.

The high average selling price of the Model 3 and the record deliveries have resulted in Tesla’s Model 3 being the #1 best-selling car in the US by revenue in both July and August.




In August, sales of EVs (electric vehicles) and PHEVs (plug-in hybrid electric vehicles) rose 120% over sales in August 2017.  Most of the jump is due to the Model 3.  Without Model 3 sales, total EV/PHEV sales would be up just 12.5% on last year.  In fact, 63% of August EV sales were from the three Tesla models.   In August, the Tesla Model 3 was the 5th biggest seller of ALL US cars, behind only the Toyota Camry, the Honda Civic, the Honda Accord and the Toyota Corolla Family.  Let that penetrate for a minute.  An electric car, from an upstart manufacturer, is the 5th bestselling car in the US.  And it doesn’t even advertise.  And you have to wait months for it to be delivered.  And the MSM has been spreading FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) about whether Tesla will survive, whether it’s profitable, oh, and why doesn’t Musk just give up?

I repeat: a car from a supposedly bankrupt company, with a months-long waiting list, with a new technology, and not cheap, is the 5th best selling car in America.  This must be giving legacy car manufacturers the heeby-jeebies.  What will happen when Tesla introduces the base Model 3, costing $35,000?  What will happen when Tesla expands its production lines, again?  What will happen when proud new owners give friends and family test drives in their new, beaut Model 3?  How long before the Model 3 is the best-selling car in America?  Will you still be buying oil stocks?  Will you still be holding legacy car company stocks?

I’m sure many of you think I’ve been far too optimistic about EVs.  Yet here we are, only half way through Tesla’s model 3 ramp, and a year away from the Tesla Model Y and the Tesla pick-up truck.  And the Tesla Shanghai gigafactory.  Tesla is triumphing.   EVs are 2.5% of total car and light truck sales in the USA, double the percentage of just 12 months ago.  They will double again over the next 18 months and again in the 18 months after.  Or it might be, in the next 12 months and the 12 months after that.  The S-curve is flexing up.

By 2026 or 7, EVs will be nearly 100% of total global car sales.  10 or 12 years later they will make up 95% of the world’s car fleet.


12 Responses to “Tesla Model 3 Sales Soar”

  1. renewableguy Says:

    Holy fuckamole. Incredible.

    I’m interested in a used Chevy Bolt and there are no bargains out there.

    • Daniel James Berger Says:

      Doubt there will be a used Bolt on the market for any reasonable price until they start coming off lease. I have my eye on a Volt for 15.8K that’s just a couple years old.

  2. Gingerbaker Says:

    Just under 1 billion dollars in sales in August. One month. From the Model 3 alone.

    At $55759, that is about 18,000 cars that month. Musk also said that Q3 will be the biggest quarter ever seen by Tesla, *and double Q2*.

    Assuming Model S and Model X sales stay steady, a Cleantechnica article estimates that there will be 59,000 Model 3s delivered in Q3.

    That means another 41,000 Model 3s to be added to that $992.5 million for Q3. If they average the same price (and they might be higher – when did the Performance Model come out?) that is another $2.2861 billion dollars worth of Model 3s for Q3. So, a little north, perhaps, of $3.0 billion dollars worth of sales of the Model 3 in Q3.

    Not bad for a pot smoking Ambien-addicted head-butting maniac.

  3. Bryan Ackerly Says:

    A flow in effect from all this exponential ramp up is having a significant effect in the electronics industry. Lead times on simple parts like ceramic capacitors have blown out to nearly 85 weeks! It’s having a big impact where I work.

    A typical EV uses around 12,000 of them per vehicle.

    Added to that is a continued linear growth from smartphones.

    I am wondering how long it will be before this worldwide shortage starts to put some limits on EV production?

    • J4Zonian Says:

      We have to take political power in the US and whatever other countries are necessary so that supply lines of all materials needed for EVs, high speed rail, clean safe renewable energy are safeguarded, and the technologies are actually built fast enough to support the EV growth that will happen if it in turn is supported as it must be. We need enough renewable electricity, for example, to keep any EVs from being supplied by fossil fuels. It has to be all that’s built from now on. And in order to do it in an orderly, efficient, useful way, it has to be coordinated by democratic governments elected by an ecologically aware super-majority.

      No interference with the transformation of global society to an ecologically sustainable one can be allowed from reactionaries and fossil and fissile fuel corporations. Slowing the transformation is treason to the country and the world and has to be treated that way–although with more compassion than treason is treated by the current US regime.

      Voting isn’t going to be fast enough or sure enough to do this and avoid ecological catastrophe; voter suppression, gerrymandering and other tactics by the right are too difficult to overcome. Massive peaceful protests, boycotts, blockades, direct action, and civil disobedience of all kinds are going to be needed.

      • Gingerbaker Says:

        We have already tried massive protests multiple times. Did nothing.

        This is more than treason. This is the deliberate and negligent murder of billions of people, in slow but inexorable motion. This is a Crime Against Humanity. And the ICC is practically begging someone to prosecute those responsible under their new Environmental Crimes against Humanity provisions.

        And if it is true that this is murder, then what might be considered to be an ethical response of a society acting in self-defense?

        • J4Zonian Says:

          The protests have done lots! They’ve helped organize, attract activists who ten get involved longer term, and helped raise money. They’ve moved the movement along and have awakened millions to the seriousness with which a large and growing number of people view the crisis.

          Yes of course it’s a crime against humanity and the Earth, and hundreds of thousands of counts of felony murder so far. There are felonies because of fraud and SEC violations, and lying under oath in courts and to Congress by the corporations, people and other organizations involved. (Including those in Congress and the courts, and the executive branch and state governments.) I’ve said this many times. I’ve also said many times that we need to remove the people responsible from power, along with those who continue to try to block the wise transformation of society. Many people will be looking for revenge once the SHTF, but, as I’ve also said many times, I hope we can get the truth, the evidence, and full confessions, through a truth and reconciliation process, instead. Prison terms would be justified for everyone involved in lying about climate change; I’m not sure it’s more valuable than making it absolutely clear to future generations what happened and why, in excruciating detail. Let’s not have any climate coverup denial.

          We don’t have nearly enough people nearly enough committed to get any of this yet, but we’re getting there–thanks to the protests and other actions (kayaktivists, banner hangers, marches for climate, for science, etc.) among other things.

          • Gingerbaker Says:

            “The protests have done lots! They’ve helped organize, attract activists who ten get involved longer term, and helped raise money. They’ve moved the movement along and have awakened millions to the seriousness with which a large and growing number of people view the crisis.”

            So, they have done what every other protest, environmental or not, has done for the past 100 years. Don’t forget they also keep the song “Kumbaya” fresh in people’s minds.

            Have they stopped the propaganda? Changed the behavior of the bad actors? Done a single thing to Federal policy? Dropped GHG emissions? Built RE? Increased subsidies for RE?

            Have they accomplished anything tangible over the past twenty years that will save billions, or millions, or even hundreds of lives?

            Is it ethical to keep using only morally-approved methods that are ineffectual if it means we stay on track for billions to suffer genocide?

            That, it seems to me, is the question we need to confront, because according to some, we have already locked in +2C and are almost certainly doomed to +4C or higher. Billions of lives. The end of civilization as we know it.

            The elite who keep the world on this path are very few in number. What would be the ethical thing to do?

          • J4Zonian Says:

            In fact, yes, they’ve done a lot of that. A hundred cities and now probably the biggest US state now has a goal of 100% RE and many places in the world are moving forward fairly quickly and/or already have reached high goals. Several cities have recognized the need for an emergency climate mobilization and that number will grow fast now.

            None of it is as fast as we need it to be and I’m as frustrated by that as you are–as frustrated as anyone is. I’m doing what I can, and I’m guessing you are, too. To wrest control from psychopaths with flabbergasting advantages in money and power, who are willing to say and do anything, in the context of a public who has been misled and isn’t inclined to disturb their lives and mental states with reality, is not a simple thing. Despite the slowness compared to what we know is needed, the speed is quite remarkable. It’s a mistake to have impossible expectations.

            You obviously have some answer in mind to your question about the ethical thing to do. It’ll be so much easier if you just say what you think.

            I choose peaceful action because it’s more effective than violence, in addition to being better in every other way. The right will choose violence either way, and already has, justifying it by equating their money and dominance with their survival and their survival with the world’s, mistaking their self-righteousness and unconsciousness about how wrong they are for being right. Violence on our side will turn people off and convince them to stay out of it or even take the side of the “authorities”. Peaceful action–in fact self-sacrifice–are more likely to convince people we’re right and draw people to the cause, as it has been.

            The kumbaya crack was a ridiculous piece of straw person nonsense, and thus beneath you. Sounds like the moronic, provocatively offensive kind of thing dog would write.

  4. jerry falwell Says:

    If you need an electronic part order it from China. Zero wait times except for shipping.

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