Fires Spike Pollution Across Northwest

August 21, 2018


Air quality warnings posted in Seattle.


Seattle from the air today, photo by Doug Kruhoeffer.

Glaciologist Mauri Pelto tweets this picture of haze high in the Cascade Range at Columbia Glacier.



3 Responses to “Fires Spike Pollution Across Northwest”

  1. grindupbaker Says:

    It smells like delicious cured ham here in Ontario the last few days. Same smell in British Columbia 12 months ago before I moved home. It’s like Boy Scouts campfires again.

  2. Sir Charles Says:

    For people who work outdoors and the most vulnerable — the poor, disabled and elderly — the summer can be dangerous. The Texas Observer talks with some of the people struggling to cope with the extreme heat.

    => Climate Change is Making Texas Summers Worse. Here’s Who That Hurts the Most.

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