Electrics Dominate Air Show

August 11, 2018


Drones, going beyond their military origins, have reached almost every form of aerial transportation. It’s fresh new target: reopening the door to personal air mobility.

The Black Fly is a personal air mobility vehicle from Opener we covered a little while ago. It is now fully qualified via FAA Part 103 as an ultralight air mobility vehicle and is thus limited to 62 mph (100 km/h or 53 knots), with a range of 25 miles (40 km). Its maximum performance is higher than that. Opener is intelligently marketing its Black Fly, via Plane & Pilot magazine, as a fun aerial mobility device which needs no special pilot license.

We covered the Kitty Hawk Flyer eVTOL flight recently, and the Kitty Hawk team is now inviting certain press members to test fly the Flyer in Nevada. This eVTOL aircraft is also a certified (FAR) Part 103 ultralight aircraft. Hey, Kitty Hawk team, you know we live in Los Angeles, don’t you?

Following our Rolls Royce air taxi story last month, we learned that Aston Martin has now partnered with the company for its Volante, a luxury autonomous aircraft (AV). The idea piggybacks on the Rolls-Royce eVTOL platform and shows that the companies are aiming to tackle our future mobility needs.


9 Responses to “Electrics Dominate Air Show”

  1. Gingerbaker Says:

    “personal air mobility.”

    Huzzah. Finally, what we really need.

    Let the masses enjoy their squalid little lives, living proudly crammed into their micro houses, enjoying a repast of bugs and grubs, the better to contemplate the impossibility of paying off their debt, not sweating in the heat or not shivering in the cold, or saving for retirement.

    Those of us who deservedly can afford all that life has to offer will be enjoying our Personal Air Mobility (patent pending), looking down upon you deplorables from afar, as we check our hourly profits and buy our politicians with an eye to never spending a penny of our lucre on the public good.

    Ahhhh, life is….. sorry…. Ahhhh, my life is good.

    • dumboldguy Says:

      The first Black Flys are likely to be a bit pricey, GB—-might cost $70-80K. Get the most bang for your buck by waiting until they come down into “SUV price range” as predicted.

      In the meantime, make your good life better by climbing Mt. Everest—only ~4000 people have ever done it and you can do it for only about $15K—the price has come down lately. Or take a cruise to Antarctica—–45,000 people do it every year and it’s a steal at ~$5-6k. (Don’t fly there though, it’s risky—-257 people died in a “sightseeing” plane crash there in 1979—their “good lives” were cut short).

      When you get your Black Fly, may I suggest that you take it to Africa on a trip with the Trump boys and use it to herd and stampede endangered species from the air?

  2. Watching this vid I was reminded of my thoughts earlier today. I am so sad that we as a species will never reach our full potential because not just are we wrecking our planet’s biosphere to the point where eventually it cannot support us or much of life, but that we spend all of our days in petty squabbling over this and that as the planet burns. Such a terrible tragedy. We could have gone so far.

    Btw, that Black Fly is simply gorgeous. I want one.

  3. dumboldguy Says:

    I simply CANNOT wait for the skies near me to be filled with these things. When I drive, I will then have to worry about danger in three dimensions—some of the morons who are now driving cars and constantly crashing will soon be able to drop on us from the sky (reason being that they lost control because of “distracted flying” while texting on their cell phones?).

    (And we’ll need to come up with a new term to replace “fender bender”. It doesn’t quite fit a dented roof).

  4. grindupbaker Says:

    I’m over 50 and almost bald so where’s the blonde bint in the video ? Does it have only 1 seat ?

    • dumboldguy Says:

      LOL—-remember that they’re not trying to sell you a Ferrari—these things are meant for technogeeks who don’t get off on blondes or want to grow more hair on their chests.

      It looks like it has only one seat—-it would have to be a lot bigger and have lots more “fans” to support the weight of a passenger. They couldn’t even afford the weight for a proper landing gear.

  5. Lionel Smith Says:

    Strewth, that is all we need, another toy for wealthy irresponsible idiots to cause death, injury and mayhem when they get bored with their jet-ski.

    Seriously, I had some idiot towing one of those coming up my inside at a roundabout placing his vehicle just in front the vehicle I was driving with the jet-ski and trailer close up to my near side (in the UK this). He was obviously miffed about my getting to an exit on the previous roundabout before him.

    I was driving a low powered car that belonged to my daughter who had been taken ill whilst in university digs and could not drive home, my wife was driving her home in my usual mount a fast hatchback.

    Clearly this idiot was also miffed at following a slow vehicle, although I was sticking to speed limits, and was tailgating me.

    At the roundabout with my exit blocked ahead by car, nearside by jet-ski I was watching mirror and traffic coming up to roundabout from the road the other side. Fortunately just as a car was coming around the roundabout I saw nothing coming up on my outside so indicated and moved smartly over and then as the car on roundabout cleared I went ahead and managed to get in front of jet-ski again. Had I not done that there would have been an almighty mess in the road as jet-ski took out my near side and daughter would not have been best pleased.

    Needless to say jet-ski tailgated me again once beyond that roundabout, flashing head lamps sounding the horn.

    • dumboldguy Says:

      Are you sure you were’t in Maryland in the USA?

    • grindupbaker Says:

      British road fights, my absolute favourite. I was hit in the back near Vancouver by a power boat trailer pole doing 55 kph overtaking me and my lower back ached 12 months (I slid 30 feet sitting on a bicycle saddle). I have an irrational fear of guide-on poles, tent poles, Polish singers.

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