Music Break: Sheryl Crow – I Wouldn’t Wanna Be Like You

July 16, 2018

Seems appropriate.

10 Responses to “Music Break: Sheryl Crow – I Wouldn’t Wanna Be Like You”

  1. Sir Charles Says:

    LOL Trump says he accepts evidence of Russian meddling in US elections

    President claims he mixed up ‘would’ and ‘wouldn’t’ in conference with Putin

    President Donald Trump said he misspoke during his joint public appearance with Russian leader Vladimir Putin, adding he did in fact accept his intelligence community’s conclusion that Moscow meddled in US elections.

    “I said the word ‘would’ instead of ‘wouldn’t’,” Mr Trump told reporters at the White House on Tuesday, saying he wanted to clarify the words he had given in a key sentence after he reviewed the tapes and a transcript of his joint appearance with Mr Putin on seeing the negative press coverage of their event.

    “The sentence should have been: ‘I don’t see any reason why it wouldn’t be Russia [who interfered in the US elections]…sort of a double negative’,” he said.

    What comes next? “Doh! I didn’t want to push the red button. I wanted to press the green button…”

    • Abel Adamski Says:

      From Australian News Ltd – A Murdoch publication

      Ultimate Trump myth disintegrates in the wake of his summit with Putin
      WE ALL have the same image of Donald Trump in our heads — but his performance with Vladimir Putin proved it’s a lie.

      GIVE Donald Trump the benefit of the doubt.

      Assume he didn’t collude with Russia.

      Vladimir Putin doesn’t have any dirt on him.

      He has never relied on tainted Russian money.

      He isn’t gullible enough to believe Mr Putin’s lies, or morally deficient enough to excuse them.

      He isn’t too stupid to know what he’s talking about or too lazy to do his job properly.

      Accept all those things. Grant Mr Trump every charity, rig each assumption in his favour, and the best possible interpretation of his subservient, bootlicking performance at last night’s summit with Mr Putin is that he’s a coward

      He is — supposedly — a tough guy. A ruthless businessman, straight talker and street fighter with the guts to insult anyone, no matter how rich or powerful they are.

      Millions of fans adore Mr Trump for those reasons, often despite his obvious flaws, and you can understand why. But they are in love with a myth.

      Mike Scully


      “I asked Japan if they attacked Pearl Harbor. They said no. What else can I do?” – President Franklin. D. Trump

      Mr Trump is, in fact, a classic bully. He is full of bluster when talking behind someone’s back, but doesn’t have the spine to confront them in person.

      When the comments were published, what did this fearsome man who tells it how it is, no matter the consequences, do? Own up and apologise? Stand by his words?

      No. He denied saying them. Even though The Sun had them on tape.

      Mr Trump frequently does this. He insults someone in private, and when his comments inevitably leak — or just get reported, because sometimes they’re on the record — he calls them “fake news”. It’s blatant cowardice.

      Stop mistaking Mr Trump’s petty, spiteful aggression for strength. When it actually matters, his spine always goes missing.

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