Michigan Utility Will Pursue Paris Climate Goals with Sun, Wind

July 11, 2018

More from the remarkable series of interviews I conducted in Traverse City, MI a few weeks ago, at a the Michigan Clean Energy Conference & Expo.

Remarkable because of the things I was hearing from Michigan’s major utilities, about a commitment to efficiency and renewable energy in coming decades. This is language that we were not hearing just a few years ago. It’s not because these companies have become any less conservative in their culture – it’s because the energy landscape has changed so rapidly that no company can fail to respond – and still expect to survive.

Dave Harwood, Director of Renewable Energy for DTE, cited the findings of climate science as the main reason for sharp reductions planned in fossil fuel use – in addition to greater efficiency efforts, and increasingly ambitious plans for wind and solar energy.

There’s more work to do, neither DTE, or Consumer’s Energy, Michigan’s other large utility, are where I believe they will be 5 or 10 years from now – but the accelerating pace of change is breathtaking.

One Response to “Michigan Utility Will Pursue Paris Climate Goals with Sun, Wind”

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