Not Just Hansen: What We Knew in ’82

June 24, 2018

My first real-live teacher on climate science was long time planetary researcher, Physicist Mike MacCracken, then of Livermore Lab.

His ’82 lecture on Climate at Sandia Labs could, in large part, have been delivered last week.

3 Responses to “Not Just Hansen: What We Knew in ’82”

  1. stephengn1 Says:

    This will change things…

    • greenman3610 Says:

      yes, I just had some astonishing conversations with the 2 largest utilities in Michigan – heavily coal until recently, now moving to shit can coal, build wind and solar. one has plans for a gas plant, the other says they won’t build gas because their modeling shows it would be a stranded asset. Going big on solar.
      Look for this in coming video.

    • dumboldguy Says:

      It’s not quite as simple as it seems. Just saw a piece the other day on one of the climate news sites that explained this well but can’t find it now. The point they made was that the $125b in NON stressed debt—-government bonds, loans—-was helping to keep coal alive. and that the $53b in stressed debt was not going to sink things overnight. A piece that speaks to all this:

      Note the small but NOT absent figures about coal’s future in India.

      Coal mining, export, and burning is not going to die quickly enough in India, China, Indonesia,and Australia, never mind in the US and Europe. OOH-Rah Michigan, but The Rump is digging up Wyoming to “MAGGA” (Make America Greenhouse Gassy Again).

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