James Hansen Today: A Warning on Antarctica

June 22, 2018

30 Years after prophetic predictions of global change unfolding today, Jim Hansen is still sounding warnings – climate change may not happen in a slow steady process.

Recent studies showing accelerating Antarctic melt seem to be supportive of his science.

Given his track record, can we afford to ignore him again?

4 Responses to “James Hansen Today: A Warning on Antarctica”

  1. redskylite Says:

    No! we certainly cannot afford to ignore him again, this interview was conducted late on in 2015 when Dr. Hansen was a mere 74 years old. Latest findings just affirm and amplify his thoughts and vision. Why continue doing this to ourselves for a mere few bucks. ? Listen to the man. He is the sanest voice around.

  2. Made a video. Thanks Peter for posting this timely.

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