As Refugee Crisis Roils Border, Climate Change is a Misery Multiplier

June 18, 2018

Climate as an amplifier.

As refugees crowd the US border, increasing extremes of heat, and precipitation portend greater misery in coming days.

El Paso Times:

As of Friday, the shelter in Tornillo had 400 beds prepared and Hurd said it is expected to hit its targeted capacity of 360 people shortly.


Hurd said federal officials are evaluating whether to up the number of beds at the site to 4,000.

“Which is just absolutely nuts,” said Hurd, who serves on the House Homeland Security Committee.

The new shelters that have been constructed near the Tornillo Port of Entry resemble tents that federal officials used after Hurricane Harvey hit the Southeast coast of the state last year.

Each tent has bed space for 20 children and two adults, as the federal government requires one adult for every ten children. There are also showers, bathrooms, medical facilities, fire trucks and spaces for children to meet with case management workers and lawyers. Hurd said there is also a “chow hall that can fit a couple hundred people at one time.”

The heat in the area has been a key point of concern for El Paso area lawmakers, as temperatures in the area are expected to reach 105 degrees in the coming weeks. Hurd said each tent has a four-ton air conditioning unit.

Vid below discusses impacts of climate on crisis in the Middle East.

Bottom line – we’ve hardly seen anything yet – the impacts of climate change will be a challenge to governance and democracy unprecedented in scope and impact.

Below: Out of the frying pan…

Arizona’s low taxes and living costs, friendly culture, arts scenes and easy access to outdoor activities make it an appealing state in which to settle.

And in decades ahead the state’s draw as a new home could be boosted as seas rise and oceans warm, forcing coastal residents to deal with fallout like strengthening storms, floods, mudslides and other disasters.

“We see natural disasters all over the world; but to be very close to one, and experience the utter helplessness, as well as the repeated evacuations, is very, very stressful,” said Jenni Aguilar, who moved her family to a four-bedroom house near Tucson from California on Memorial Day.

Aguilar says the high cost of living in California already had her considering a move from the beach town of Carpinteria when heavy winter storms followed wildfires, causing mudslides that killed 21 people and convinced her to head east.

“We started looking here, and it just worked out,” said Aguilar, who moved to Milagro, a cohousing community just outside city limits, with her husband and two sons. Her daughter, future son-in-law and grandchild are moving in this weekend.

“We’re a pretty resilient family,” Aguilar said.

Research published last year included Pima County among the top 9 percent of counties into which Americans are likely to move after being forced from their homes by another coastal climate threat — sea-level rise.

Climate – a Moral Issue:

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