Ben & Jerry’s Start Creamy Campaign for Wind, Renewable Energy in UK

June 15, 2018


Tubs of Strawberry Breeze-cake, Cherry Gale-cia and other wind-themed ice-creams will feature in a campaign by Ben & Jerry’s to persuade the government to rethink its opposition to onshore windfarms.

The renamed flavours will be sold at half price on “windy Wednesdays” to support a pro-renewables push by the Unilever-owned firm, which has a history of campaigning on climate change and environmental issues.

The company’s intervention comes amid an industry lobbying effort to convince ministers to scrap obstacles for onshore windfarms.

They have largely stopped being built since the Conservatives ended subsidies and introduced planning reforms.


Ben & Jerry’s drive will feature a tour of the UK, including London, Birmingham and Bristol, to encourage people to take action supporting the technology.

The firm is also backing a petition by the climate change charity 10:10, which calls on the government to “remove the additional planning requirements” for onshore windfarms. More than 25,000 people have already signed the petition.

Rebecca Baron, the company’s UK social mission manager, said: “If we want to move away from polluting fossil fuels and build a future based on clean energy, then wind power is a vital ingredient.”

The government’s own polling found public support for onshore windfarms at a record high of 76% in April, up from 74% last November.

There is now mounting pressure on ministers to make a U-turn on its policy, with big energy companies including ScottishPower, Vattenfall and Innogy urging the Department for Energy and Industrial Strategy to allow the windfarms to compete for subsidies.

Allowing onshore wind back would save £1.6bn on household energy bills between 2019 and 2025, according to a report this week, commissioned by energy firms.

Lord Deben, the government’s top climate adviser, has also waded into the debate, saying ministers should tell consumers they face higher energy bills if there is no rethink.


This sort of environmental activism isn’t out of character for Ben & Jerry’s, which has long advocated for climate and environment issues, but in this case, it’s said that the company is even renaming some of its flavors as more wind-centric versions of themselves, and offering those flavors (Strawberry Breeze-cake, Cherry Gale-cia, Caramel Blew Blew, etc.) for half price on “windy Wednesdays” in at least one scoop shop in the UK.

The petition begins:

“The government has banned new onshore wind in England – putting our national action on climate change at risk and rejecting one of the public’s favourite types of energy. Meanwhile, fossil fuels like fracking are being forced through the system – even when communities say no.

It’s time to send the government an urgent message about the kind of future we want.”

And then it includes one single request, to remove “the additional planning requirements introduced by the written ministerial statement on onshore wind, issued 18 June 2015.” At this point, the campaign, which has been dubbed “Blown Away,” has garnered a bit more than 26,000 signatures.

Re-energizing onshore wind in the UK is not only good for reducing carbon emissions and reducing pollutants, it’s also an economic win/win for both the producers and the consumers of electricity from wind power, with a new report claiming that by awarding contracts for 5 gigawatts worth of new onshore wind power between 2019 and 2025, UK consumers would enjoy a net benefit of some £1.6 billion.

Here’s Ben & Jerry’s turning a weather gripe into an renewable energy asset:

The UK is lucky enough to have a wealth of renewable energy sources right on its doorstep. Sure, us Brits like to grumble about the grey days, but let’s look on the bright side – our weather gives our country a huge potential to tap into clean energy, in particular wind, which we think is pretty awesome!

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    Robert Llewellyn did the voiceover! One of my most favourite people on our planet.
    Subscribe to fullychargedshow on youtube if you haven’t already.

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