Coal Baron Con Man Update

May 9, 2018


A night Republicans feared would end in disaster in at least one state instead produced Senate nominees that party leaders are pleased to run against three vulnerable Democratic senators in November’s midterm elections.

In West Virginia, Don Blankenship — the ex-convict and coal baron who had taken aim at Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s “China family,” in a reference to his wife and in-laws’ heritage — finished third behind Attorney General Patrick Morrisey, who CNN has projected will win, and Rep. Evan Jenkins, the second-place finisher.


11 Responses to “Coal Baron Con Man Update”

  1. dumboldguy Says:

    OK, folks,—-on three—–Let’s hear it for the HONEST crooks!


    Unfortunately, this moron speaks for many Trumpites, who seem to be just fine with MAGA, aka Make Americans Grifters Again.

    PS Has anyone heard the latest end of the world prediction? The world will end on November 6, 2018 if the Repugnants maintain control of the House and Senate. Some have said it may end even sooner if the FGITWH (Fifth Grader In The White House) gets much crazier.

  2. rhymeswithgoalie Says:

    Going for an “honest crook” can be important if there is a higher moral imperative. In Blankenship’s case, that doesn’t apply.

    I remember the bumper sticker for La. Governor Edwin Edwards when he was challenged by former Grand Dragon of the KKK David Duke:

    Vote for the Crook: It’s Important.

  3. Lionel Smith Says:

    Just goes to show that there is no cure for stupid. Must be a special Darwin award for those who cheer for socio-pathic clowns (‘It’ was scary too) like Blankenship who must be a good candidate for any budding prosopographer.

  4. Gingerbaker Says:

    “Just goes to show that there is no cure for stupid.”


    Kinda had it up to here with all the tortured analyses about correlations of various factors and Trump voters. 50% of Americans have below-average intelligence.

    These are the people who listened to Trump’s simple speech with its limited vocabulary, vague promises, and scapegoats. These are the people who voted for him.

    Plus those Karl PavRovian single issue voters who value life, guns, and the sanctity of marriage so very very much.

    This is an idiocracy who voted for anarchists dedicated to ruining most government department, services, and programs. Thanks, DNC!!

  5. jajoslinjajoslin Says:

    Maybe the guy is smarter than we like to think… I know , tough to imagine a ‘hillbilly’ who can think a little , right ? ( well, yeah…if you don’t get out much. )

    What if the guy is simply saying ‘They’re all crooks ‘. ( Thus the wry qualification of ‘honest ‘ crook. )

    Having lost 3 cousin’s due to Blankenship’s homicidal,ramshackle coal extraction operation , and West Virginia’s traditional & non-existent oversight of this & similar lucrative operations, not to mention the Federal blind eye turned toward the ongoing physical & human destruction meted out in West Virginia ( gutted Mine safety regulations & de-funded OSHA apparatus, bad drinking water, widespread lack of schools, crappy roads , rampant opiate addiction, nearly futureless prospects for young people… etc ) , just maybe the guy is ONLY bitter & cynical .

    Tragic, sad, uncalled for , call it whatever you want. But what if his smart-ass remark is a form of irony ? A sly ( respectable ? ) way of saying he’s hopeless .

    Don’t forget that us sophisticated pooh -poohers engage in irony all the time & it’s generally assumed to be a mark of wit.

    What if the HOPEFUL ones in West Virginia are the real idiots ? -JJoslin ( Detroit )

    Maybe it’s the HOPEFUL ones in West Virginia

    • Gingerbaker Says:

      Odds of a random pick of some guy off the street having below average intelligence – 50:50

      Odds that a guy who will still vote for Blankenship – even after knowing that his relatives died because of his unethical greed – having an above average IQ – …… numbers don’t come that small.

      If this fellow is a typical hillbilly, then, yeah, hillbillies are dumb as a bag of rocks. I have doubts that even hillbillies would argue that hillbillies as a population are actually secret potential rocket scientists.

      I was going to riff on hillbillies, sisters, mothers and lovers but, nope. Not going there. 😉

      Trump spoke these folk’s language. Who can do that on the Left? Bernie? Anyone?

  6. J4Zonian Says:

    There are all kinds of excuses for this behavior; we don’t know which ones apply.

    Watching the way his head nods* and arm movements reverberate jerkily (pun intended) and chaotically in his body and listening to the breathy slur in the “sh” in Blankenship, I’m guessing the guy might be drunk.

    He may be trolling the assumedly “liberal” reporter; it’s likely he never had any miner cousins. (It’s also likely he married his minor cousin.) It’s very likely he’s also stupid, but I’d like to point out that whether it exists here or not, there IS a cure for that. It’s education, which Republicans, in their own self-interest, keep pounding on in order to wreck (while making a profit). The cure also involves proper diet, especially as infants and children, love of learning instilled at home and in society, good enough attachment to lead to an attention span longer than 280 characters… and therapy to remove the psychological blocks to learning.

    As people interested in the survival of the species we should do everything we can to implement this treatment.

    *No one moves their head like that except Forest Whitaker when he’s doing his shuck and jive fake sincerity ‘I’m acting” schtick.

    • andrewfez Says:

      Lol – it feels like there are two types of educated people in WV: the type that eventually gets the heck out of there; and the type that decides to exploit the rest of the uneducated, cultural authoritarian population, indoctrinated on Fox News, for their own profit.

      There’s certainly a brain drain happening where those folks left behind are of below average IQ. Everyone is always complaining about something there. Almost seems like the main method of communication and relating to others is to join in on complaining about something. A large chunk of people are perpetually mad, un-trusting to the point of inaction, and the state has the highest rates of anxiety and depression in the US. Charleston and Huntington scored in the top positions one year for some misery index rating exercise. It has the highest litigation rates in the country and everybody is always telling everyone else that they’re going to sue them. Lawyers are often drunk with power, as society seems to run off of a ‘if I have power, it is my natural right to exploit those under me for profit, and they must submit or be destroyed’ type attitude. Poverty is so bad it’s like living in a third world. WV was number two in obesity in the country.

      It’s a free market paradise and has the severe social inequality to show for it.

  7. J4Zonian Says:


    We can see the video. Is it really necessary to prove it exists by including a tweet quoting it exactly and offering nothing else at all?

  8. MAGA voters

    The only turkeys who vote for Thanksgiving

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