Music Break: CSN&Y, Ohio

May 4, 2018


4 Responses to “Music Break: CSN&Y, Ohio”

  1. redskylite Says:

    This is a strong and powerful protest song from a different era, performed by a wonderful group of those times. A time of agent orange, carpet bombing, death and misery over a clash of ideology.

    Four young and gifted Americans died, and lessons should have been learned.

    Today we have a different challenge, different difficulties and more lessons to be learned. What lessons did we learn from 1970 ?, so apply them to the twenty first century, listen to the young, listen to the scientists, respect the innocent, wherever they are from.

    “The extraordinary dust and thunderstorms have come just when concerns have been mounting about the rapid rate of desertification in several Indian states.

    The environment ministry says a quarter of the country’s land is undergoing desertification – while independent experts put the figure much higher.

    Increasing desertification would mean more intense and damaging dust storms.

    Climate scientists have predicted that droughts will become more severe in this part of South Asia with climatic changes.

    And because of that, dust storms like the most recent ones, could occur more frequently.”

  2. mbrysonb Says:

    I was in grade 8– my English teacher told us the Guard fired in self-defence. I argued back, and the evidence was pretty clear even then. Yet the right persecuted and denigrated survivors and no real investigation followed. Trump is not really that far from where the right has been for a very long while in the US; petit fascism, with a heavy dose of racism. Sad (truly sad).

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