Earth Day 1970: “An Awesome Earth Day Warning”

April 14, 2018

From NBC news on the first Earth Day.



3 Responses to “Earth Day 1970: “An Awesome Earth Day Warning””

  1. redskylite Says:

    Uncanny warning way back in 1970, a lot of deniers still hammering James Hansen, but J. Murray Mitchell was a seasoned professional putting out the warnings in the 1960’s. Why oh why didn’t industry, public, governments heed the call back then in the smoggy 60’s, we could be already ahead in the fight.

    “Mitchell was a pioneer in investigation and understanding of climate change, and from the 1960s onwards sought to alert the public to issues of global warming. In 1976 he described the conjecture of global cooling as irresponsible, and around that time supported other scientists in warning of the damaging effects of increasing CO2 in the atmosphere.”

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    • dumboldguy Says:

      The concentration of CO2 hadn’t risen that much and the effects of AGW weren’t yet that obvious in the decade before Earth Day #1. We were more worried about things like overpopulation, resource depletion, acid rain, ozone holes, lead in gasoline, nuclear war, dirty air, and dirty water.

      48 years later and we are still not “heeding the call” the way we should, and that’s why we’re not just not “ahead in the fight”, but falling farther behind.

  2. My primary school teacher talked about the science of Earth ‘heating up, and the unknown effect’. Mentioned the possibility of ‘extra cloud formation’ mitigating the warming. This was circa 1955.

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