Senator Flake: Negative Electricity Pricing in Arizona

March 16, 2018

8 Responses to “Senator Flake: Negative Electricity Pricing in Arizona”

  1. Sir Charles Says:

    Too much is too much 🙂

    • J4Zonian Says:

      Too much is never enough.

      Profits, anyway. Negative pricing is relatively common (if you call 1.6% of the time common!) On the other hand, wind can easily reduce by 5%; CSP, hydro, clothesline paradox energies, and other dispatchable renewables even more. It should be even less common or nonexistent with a sophisticated smart grid that’s ditched inflexible large fossil and fissile burners and with a wide array of demand adjustments (remember, demand is intermittent, too) used by a large number of people and industries with good communication, distributed generation (for wind, and pushing solar farther east to flatten out the duck with only 1 or 2% loss per thousand miles–bound to get better), smart planning and adequate storage (for solar) plus demand responses using increasing dominance of EVs.

      That will take time and/or commitment (money and will) to develop–though never as much as the lunatic right screams about. Only in a capitalist system is too cheap power a problem rather than a gift, and only in one so thoroughly dominated by the whining of the suffering villainaires is such a tiny anomaly such a terrifying thought! OMMammon! 1.6% of our (employees’ and nature’s) hard work going without a huge percent being siphoned into our offshore bank accounts! The horror!

  2. earl Says:

    Just a temporary thing until they get GW-scale batteries established and more electric cars on the roads. A Combination of Vanadium Flow Battery and Lithium is the best of both worlds for grid-scale batteries.

  3. rhymeswithgoalie Says:

    Much like “background” software applications which use excess computrons when a system is otherwise idle, I see an aftermarket for energy-using modules: At times of excess generation your farm’s wind turbine or solar plant just shunt the power to your Acme Tea-Cozy Knitter* or Widget Refrangulator or Desalinization Tank as a background source of work or income.

    *Who can forget the awful Tea Cozy Deficit of 1994?

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