Colbert on the Education of Betsy Devos

March 13, 2018

A system called “stupid”.

Science literacy must begin in schools.  The current administration, and indeed, the modern Republican Party, seems determined that it will end there.


White House officials were alarmed by Education Secretary Betsy DeVos’ struggle to answer basic questions about the nation’s schools and failure to defend the administration’s newly proposed school safety measures during a tour of television interviews Sunday and Monday, according to two sources familiar with their reaction.

Though DeVos was sworn in to her Cabinet position 13 months ago, she stumbled her way through a pointed “60 Minutes” interview with CBS’ Lesley Stahl Sunday night and was unable to defend her belief that public schools can perform better when funding is diverted to the expansion of public charter schools and private school vouchers. At one point, she admitted she hasn’t “intentionally” visited underperforming schools.

New York Times:

Beyond erasing concerns about her many possible financial conflicts, Ms. DeVos also faces a big challenge in explaining the damage she’s done to public education in her home state, Michigan. She has poured money into charter schools advocacy, winning legislative changes that have reduced oversight and accountability. About 80 percent of the charter schools in Michigan are operated by for-profit companies, far higher than anywhere else. She has also argued for shutting down Detroit public schools, with the system turned over to charters or taxpayer money given out as vouchers for private schools. In that city, charter schools often perform no better than traditional schools, and sometimes worse.

Mr. Trump has at times displayed breathtaking ignorance about the powers and basic function of government. Many on his transition team are new to government service as well. But the Senate, and people advising him, including Reince Priebus, his chief of staff, have no excuse.

Below, Washington Post has annotated those places where DeVos struggled.

Incredibly, Devos dropped a tweet Monday that basically confirmed everything that the interview seemed to hint at.

This is not even dipping a toe into the questions swirling around Ms. DeVos brother, Eric Prince, whose meeting with mysterious Arab and Russian power brokers in the Seychelles appears to have aimed at opening up a secret back-channel to the Kremlin.
And so much more…

As Buddha said, “There are three things that always come out, the sun, the moon, and the truth.”


7 Responses to “Colbert on the Education of Betsy Devos”

  1. aalasti Says:

    One should be careful about criticizing ignorance of how the government functions if in the same paragraph referring to Reince Priebus as being Trump’s chief of staff.

    • dumboldguy Says:

      True, but the NYT piece was written in January 2017, and Priebus wasn’t s**tcanned until July, 6+ months later. There is so much turmoil, chaos, and turnover in the Trump Dump (aka White House), that apparently even the NYT can’t keep up. BTW, has everyone noticed that Rex Tillerson has been fired? Now he can go back to Exxon and resume colluding with Russia.

  2. Now Tillerson has been shown the door after stating that Russia was behind the assassination in England to be replaced by Pimpy or Pompeo or whatever

  3. dumboldguy Says:

    The word STUPID may nave been coined to describe Betsy DeVos. Of all the inappropriate appointments Trump has made, she may be the worst (even worse than Pruitt). If she hadn’t been born into money, most likely the only jobs she could get would be flipping burgers at McD’s or pushing a broom at WalMart (and like Sarah Palin, she’d have to write notes on her palm to remember how to do them).

  4. pendantry Says:

    @Peter FYI your ‘We’re getting sprung’ post seems to have a problem. I get ‘not found’ when trying to read the whole thing.

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