From 1985: Warnings from Carl Sagan and Al Gore

March 11, 2018

Climate deniers will have a hard time explaining these to their grandchildren, the kids who are now woke to the disasters they’ve been served by  blindness and greed.

Astounding find by climatestate.

8 Responses to “From 1985: Warnings from Carl Sagan and Al Gore”

    • Sir Charles Says:

      Folks, you could do something very special: Write your university. Contact institutions and scientists you know. Encourage them to co-sign the Warning to Humanity. Tell them that their signature is still missing. Tell them that you believe that there should be more scientists signing this pledge than that ominous Oregon Petition. Please forward and share. Let’s kick off an avalanche!

      • Sir Charles Says:

        Subject: World Scientists’ Warning to Humanity: A Second Notice

        Dear […],

        I couldn’t find your name yet in the list of signatories. Maybe you also like to advertise this paper and encourage many of your scientist colleagues to sign as well.

        World Scientists’ Warning to Humanity: A Second Notice


        I believe it should be possible to gather more signatories than this ominous Oregon Petition.

        Many thanks and best wishes,
        A concerned citizen from [Country].

  1. Thanks Peter for sharing, took me two days to compile this gem. Notice also that Manabe mentions briefly sea ice decline.

  2. […] on from that, I present this, from here, courtesy of Sir Charles: please […]

  3. Just for a Stormy interlude
    A Master at work – Donald is outclassed Bigly

    Stormy Daniels on Twitter has the air of a very smart cat batting off a series of very dumb mice, who come at her under the delusion that the relationship is reversed.

    Her best smackdowns are impossible to fully appreciate now: The men they were directed toward have deleted their original insults, presumably embarrassed by the verbal beating. “You know you’re supposed to read that Bible and not smoke it, right?” she wrote in response to a tweet that now comes up only as “unavailable.”

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