Trump/GOP War on Solar Energy

March 8, 2018

7 Responses to “Trump/GOP War on Solar Energy”

  1. Adrian Vance Says:

    We prove CO2 does not heat the atmosphere in “CO2 Is Innocent” at: that includes a low-cost demo-experiment that proves what we say. Clip-copy the six page paper, print and take it to a scientist, science teacher and have it authenticated. I prove what I say while all the “warmers” scream insults. Adrian Vance

    • Sir Charles Says:

      Oh dear. Another “Steven Goddard” like blog run by an anonymous bastard with a fake name. How much do the Koch brothers pay you to run this shitty site, troll? All you “prove” is that you have no clue about science. Maybe you even are this Tony Heller. At least you sound like him.

    • Lizard Breath Says:

      Oh that’s quite some site. I won’t try to debunk your “CO2 is innocent” post. Suffice it to say that if you were right, you’d be getting a Nobel prize right quick.

      But here’s an easy one – a response to your post claiming the Keeling curve is bogus. The “Keeling curve” is unique ONLY in the prescience and persistence that Dr. Keeling showed in beginning to monitor at Mauna Loa in the ’50s. CO2 is now monitored in multiple locations which all show the same pattern. (Although, if “CO2 is innocent”, why does it matter what the “Keeling curve” shows or doesn’t show?)

      But, of course, it’s pointless to provide data to people like AV. Carl Sagan said “You can’t convince a believer of anything; for their belief is not based on evidence, it’s based on a deep seated need to believe.”

      • rhymeswithgoalie Says:

        –>Although, if “CO2 is innocent”, why does it matter what the “Keeling curve” shows or doesn’t show?

        Worth repeating.

    • Sir Charles Says:

      In 1859, physicist John Tyndall ran an experiment demonstrating the greenhouse effect. Visible sunlight easily passes through our atmosphere to warm the Earth. However, invisible heat rays rising from the Earth’s surface, otherwise known as infrared radiation, don’t easily escape back to space. What Tyndall showed by shining heat rays through tubes filled with different gases is that certain gases like water vapour and carbon dioxide block the heat rays. These became known as greenhouse gases.

      Tyndall also made several predictions of what we should expect to see if greenhouse gases were causing warming (Tyndall 1861). In fact, we expect to see a number of distinctive greenhouse patterns in global warming. Observing these patterns strengthens the evidence that humans are causing global warming, as well as eliminates other possible natural causes. Let’s have a look at the many human fingerprints on climate change:

      => How we know we’re causing global warming in a single graphic

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