The Weekend Wonk: Climate Skeptics who Followed the Evidence, and Changed Their Minds

February 24, 2018

A lot of comment this week on the new video about Jerry Taylor, formerly a reliable climate “skeptic” voice on Fox News and elsewhere – who turned completely when he actually started looking at the data with an open mind.
Turns out that’s not a unique experience.

The Physicist:
Richard Muller made himself a high profile name in the anti-science community by making a number of outrageous and uninformed statements about climate scientists and science some years back.
That’s probably what helped him attract Koch Brothers funding to re-examine global temperature records. To his credit, he assembled a crack team and did a comprehensive analysis.
Spoiler, they found what every other crack team had found before.

The TV Meteorologists:

At an American Meteorological Society event a few years ago, Greg Fishel, a TV Weather caster from Raleigh, NC, came up to shake my hand. Apparently the Climate Crocks videos were an important part of his process in moving from “hard core” denial, to  reality.

Fishel’s colleague, Amber Sullins, based in Phoenix, also started as a climate skeptic, but eventually followed the science.

The Admiral:

Admiral David Titley, recently retired as Chief Oceanographer and Navigator of the US Navy, describes his own journey from doubt to certainty on climate. Key phrase: “What does the evidence show.”


5 Responses to “The Weekend Wonk: Climate Skeptics who Followed the Evidence, and Changed Their Minds”

  1. pendantry Says:

    This looks like the tip of an iceberg, but is it really? Are ENOUGH ‘skeptics’ finally seeing reason to make a difference?

  2. Sir Charles Says:

    You can call me in some twenty years ago. Well. I wasn’t a denier, rather an agnostic.

  3. Adrian Vance Says:

    “Man caused global warming” aka “Climate Change” is a provably false concept as we demonstrate in “CO2 Is Innocent” FREE at Clip-copy the six page paper. Have it authenticated by an physical science teacher, chemist or physicist with General Chemistry 100 then do the demo experiment for a few Dollars to see the real role of CO2 in the atmosphere.

    This is only part of the science corruption of our government that in two bureaus has wasted over $1 trillion on “Man In Space,” a total waste as nothing is there and everything on the moon is under our feet. If we had spent that money on oceanography we would be in abundance instead of bankrupt as we are today. America is running the biggest credit card in history and it will soon expire.

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