The Snake. Sorry, but no Tears for Oklahoman Trumpers as WeatherCaster Cuts Loom

February 15, 2018

“You knew I was a snake when you picked me up.”

I posted the other day on massive new cuts to the National Weather Service. Science, of course we knew, is not a priority for the Trump Administration.

Apparently, Oklahomans hadn’t given it much thought.

Raw Story:

Oklahoma voted overwhelmingly for President Donald Trump and now the Republican leader is hitting back against his most loyal supporters, KFOR news reported.

In his budget, Trump has proposed gutting the National Weather Service in an area of the country that depends on forecasters and meteorologists to protect them from extreme weather events.

“For some bizarre reason, the president is proposing to cut 248 forecasters,” National Weather Service Legislative Director Richard Hirn told KFOR.

“Should the public be concerned about these potential staff cuts? I think the answer is yes because – even though you see things coming down the pipe for days, sometimes weeks in advance – even those last few minutes or hours can make a huge difference on the outcome as to what type of severe weather in this particular case that we may receive,” KFOR meteorologist Mike Morgan explained.

The NWS could lose more than 350 staffers, the vast majority of which would be forecasters.

“The Trump administration has proposed to effectively eliminate 20 percent of the forecasters or front-line operational employees at the 122 forecast offices around the country,” Hirn said.

Hirn warned it could mean closing the NWS in Norman during nights and on weekends. Many of the state’s worst tornadoes have been late in the afternoon and a powerful storm doesn’t check the calendar to see whether it’s Monday through Friday.

“That office would be closed in the evening and another office, maybe in Tulsa or in Texas, will be responsible for issuing the warnings,” Hirn said.

Weather warnings aren’t the only concern, the National Weather Service data is used by airports to determine safety for takeoff and landing of planes.

“It would be fair to say I think, if there was any delay of information regarding weather really when it’s inclement weather, that that could have an impact on our operations and our traveling public,” Will Rogers Airport Spokesperson Karen Carney said.

Since the first EF5 tornado to hit Moore, Oklahoma May 3, 1999, Oklahoma has had six EF5 tornadoes. Since the 1999 outbreak, Oklahoma has had 1,193 tornadoes and 3,739 since 1950. The National Weather Service might be headquartered in Oklahoma, but it also helps other satellite locations with forecasting in neighboring red states. That includes Kansas, which suffered from a severe EF5 tornado that wiped Greensburg off the map in 2007. Missouri similarly had a major EF5 tornado that hit Joplin in 2011.

In 2013, the NWS got a boost to their budget so that they could improve computing power needed to make quicker forecasts and save more lives.

3 Responses to “The Snake. Sorry, but no Tears for Oklahoman Trumpers as WeatherCaster Cuts Loom”

  1. realthog Says:

    You have words missing after “Norman, Oklahoma is the location of one of”

  2. dumboldguy Says:

    I am finding it increasingly difficult to listen to Trump and watch video clips of his prancing around—–his words and delivery are stomach turning.

    It’s a shame that the good folks in tornado alley are likely to suffer, but they can thank their neighbors for having “picked up the snake” and voted for the Orange Menace.

    PS One of the things that is a turnoff is Trump’s narcissistic “TV Star” hairdo. The truth has finally come out now that he has been caught on video in high wind. There is also mention of his hair fraud in “Fire and Fury”—-he has had scalp reduction surgery and now is bald on top and in back with a crown of hair that goes around the sides and FRONT of his head—-it is combed and sprayed to give us what we see. It’s a shame that he can’t grow up and just wear his hair like any normal 70+ year-old would. Remember Ike?

  3. J4Zonian Says:

    The headline for the snake poem video should read “Trump reveals fascist intentions.”

    “History never repeats itself but it does rhyme.” Authorship unknown.

    Like Hitler, who was appointed to power by the head of the sortademocratic government the Nazis had weakened to the point of near-collapse, (a form of weaponized projective identification* very common to the right now) the less educated and economically stressed small rural red states and rural and suburban people in a few swing states (s)elected the current autocratic cabal using a rigged system, with the presumably-unwitting help of their Democratic “opposition”, and will now have to deal with increasing job losses, street violence, and other consequences of increasingly hostile, autocratic, rabidly capitalistic governments at every level.

    Just in case we recover from this in time to avoid utter ecological catastrophe, someone needs to sit down right now and write the history of the next 7 years in the US, and Year 8 when the great HOMOTH, His Orange Majesty Of The Hairdo, refuses to step down, and declares that all future elections will be both run and certified by the GRU’s North American branch.

    “The past is never dead. It’s not even past.”
    William Faulkner, Requiem for a Nun (1951) Act 1, sc. 3;

    “The past is the present, isn’t it? It’s the future, too. We all try to lie out of that but life won’t let us.”
    ― Eugene O’Neill, Long Day’s Journey Into Night

    “Otto Strasser: What is the program of the NSDAP?
    Hitler: The program is not the question. The only question is power.
    Strasser: Power is only the means of accomplishing the program.
    Hitler: These are the opinions of the intellectuals. We need power!”
    Toland, John (1976). Adolf Hitler. New York: Doubleday & Company. ISBN 0-385-03724-4.

    David Roberts has pointed out a number of times in different ways the increasingly obvious fact that the DON, Der Orange Narziß, has no beliefs as such, only [my interpretation:] the needs to dominate, be adored and stay unconscious. These dictate everything he says and does.

    The fact that those personal, psychological needs not only dictate but ARE the whole Republican agenda reveals what should be increasingly obvious, that the Republican party is driven not by anything that could be called a philosophy or even an ideology, but by entirely inner, personal needs caused by long term childhood tragedies. German psychologist Alice Miller describes a lot of this in her book For Your Own Good, which uses Hitler and a German serial child murderer as case studies that turn out to be about the origins of current right wing rage, the specificity of repetition compulsion**, and other artifacts of childhood.

    * Projective identification is projection of unacceptable qualities accompanied by actions which seem to make the projections come true. The US and USSR didn’t trust each other; so both took secretive, aggressive actions that seemed to validate that lack of trust. This did then and often can lead to a positive feedback loop.

    ** Repetition compulsion is the drive to repeat traumatic events, in an unconscious and twisted effort to make them come out better the 2nd, 3rd, 4th… times around. Because the same developmental disability that causes the problem in the first place warps the ability to evaluate and improve outcomes thereafter, without the help of someone caring and well-trained it rarely comes out any better than the first time. There is what at best could be called an eerie exactness to the echoes of the past when it’s repeated in this way. It’s most often not revealed through literal exactness but symbolic repetitions–like snake poems are not about snakes but metaphor.

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