Colbert: “Get into Skating now, while we still have Ice..”

February 10, 2018

Below — even George Bush sees evidence of Russian meddling.


3 Responses to “Colbert: “Get into Skating now, while we still have Ice..””

    • dumboldguy Says:

      We’ve done a little sparring here on Crock, Chucky, and I knew you weren’t “all there”, but this is beyond belief. Have you no respect for anything?

      This is your second explicit and graphic reference to masturbation, the first being a rather lengthy and sophomoric cartoon sequence. At least that one had to be opened. This one is a jaw-dropping POW!—-right between the eyes and can’t be avoided.

      I can’t imagine the response of some church-going middle school kid who has been assigned a project on climate change and came here to Crock for info. Or that of some old-white-guy Republican evangelical denier and Trump lover who FINALLY came to Crock seeking some truth about climate change.

      You need help.

    • dumboldguy Says:

      Another thought. I have accused Sir Charles on another Crock thread of perhaps being one of the new crop of Russian trolls that will try to infest Crock during the lead up to the November 2018 election, with the purpose of muddying the waters and tainting the discourse—-much like V********* and friends did in the past.

      I have just finished reading “Fire and Fury”, and it’s a mind-boggling expose of just how unfit Trump is to be president, how dysfunctional his White House “team” is, and how much more has yet to come out about the collusion etc, with the Russians (ignoring the Russian hacking and election meddling).

      Is this post a Trump-like Russian troll trick by Sir Charles? Like The Donald, whenever the heat in the kitchen rises, go off on some outrageous tangent to distract everyone?

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