When a Holocaust Denier Runs for Congress, He Chooses the Party of Denial

February 8, 2018

If you have “…been part of anti-semitic groups since the 1970s,.. go to Neo-Nazi rallies, … were part of the White People’s Party, … dress in Nazi garb,..celebrate Hitler’s birthday…” talk about the “Jews media”…and the “two party, jew party, queer party system”….and you say that “the holocaust” is “poppycock, an extortion racket”.

…you maybe, just might be, .. a Nazi.

But for sure, you are the Republican Candidate for Congress in Illinois Third Congressional District.

Not just climate denial anymore.



Jones is a remarkable specimen of modern American life. He no longer calls himself a Nazi, yet he spends his time screaming about how Jews are to blame for everything and calling the Holocaust “an extortion racket.” What else, exactly, does being a Nazi involve, besides the moral disasters that await if these views go unchallenged in the public square?

The Republican Party refuses to put a stop to his candidacy. Where is their opponent for Jones in the Republican primary—you know, someone who’s not at least a de factoNazi? The essential moral cowardice of today’s Republican leadership is breathtaking. It’s no longer enough for the Paul Ryans and Mitch McConnells to stand idly by as the president stomps on our democratic norms and makes a mockery of this nation’s founding principles from the Oval Office. It’s not enough for them to let Roy Moore happen. Now they may allow Arthur Jones to get dangerously close to the United States Congress, all because they’re afraid of their own base.


Remind you of anything?

History will not look kindly on any of them, but Jones is a new low. After all, Roy Moore at least bragged that one of his attorneys was Jewish. That attorney, it turns out, voted for Moore’s Democratic opponent and raised money for his campaign. Anyone who can should do the same for whichever candidate is tasked with stopping Arthur Jones.

Republican Party, of course, disavows Mr. Jones. But this keeps happening. Reasonable to ask how it is these nut jobs keep getting the same unambiguous message.



Below, Colin Powell tells Republicans to knock it off on the Racism and Climate denial.

10 Responses to “When a Holocaust Denier Runs for Congress, He Chooses the Party of Denial”

  1. J4Zonian Says:

    “…this guy doesn’t get it” ?

    “What is [the Republican party’s] plan?”

    These guys don’t get it.

    The Republican plan is to take power now by cheating, stealing, lying, gerrymandering (and impeaching judges who won’t let them gerrymander, as they’re trying to do in Pennsylvania), stacking the deck of judges, refusing to vote on Democratic judges (as they did for a year at the end of Obama’s term) suppressing the votes of anyone who’s even likely to vote against them, discredit not just scientists and journalists but science and journalism, so they have an immovable base who believes everything they tell them.

    The plan is to use corporate money, conservative religious organizations and reactionary media to capture enough of the vote in enough of the states that they continue to bring the Democratic party to the right so even more progressives give up and stop taking part. The plan is to use all these techniques and others to seize power and then hold it with whatever it takes, including unconstitutional and violent methods. Is it really possible Matthews doesn’t get this, or is he praising Powell for speaking truthfully and then lacking the courage to do the same? Either way, we need better journalists.

    • dumboldguy Says:

      Excellent rant, Jeffy4Z! You might add the spending of private $$$$ by the Kochs and their brethren to buy the vote. Also the attacks on public education that are designed to dumb down the people.

      PS When you castigate Matthews you need to remember that the Matthew-Powell clip is FIVE years old—-a lot of hate washing under (and over) the bridges since then. Although you are right that we need better journalism—-from the top down,

  2. mbrysonb Says:

    This is how democracies die. Vile and violent extremists, supported by plutocrats too greedy to care where it all ends (with Nero fiddling– though that story, of course, is a myth, this one seems all too real…).

  3. Andy Lee Robinson Says:

    Wow, what an evil pos.

    • dumboldguy Says:

      And that evil and vile POS is a perfect role model for all those torch-bearing, anti-semitic slogan-chanting young “Americans” who marched through the UVA campus in Charlottesville. They all want to grow up to be like him, I’m sure.

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