Trump Dumps Dumbass Denialist Doyenne

February 3, 2018

There’s dumb, and there’s too-dumb-for-Trump dumb.

UPDATE-Washington Post:

The White House plans to withdraw its controversial nominee to head the Council on Environmental Quality, Kathleen Hartnett White, according to two administration officials briefed on the matter who spoke on the condition of anonymity because the decision has not been announced yet.

One of the officials briefed on Hartnett White’s plans said that her nomination had failed to gather momentum even as some of the administration’s other senior environmental policy picks had won approval, with some Senate Republicans raising questions about her expertise.

Hartnett White, who once headed the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality and now serves as a fellow at the Texas Public Policy Foundation, has stirred controversy because of her statements on climate change. Testifying last fall before the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, she said that while humans probably contribute to current warming, “the extent to which, I think, is very uncertain.”

Her comments, which echoed some other appointees of President Trump, contradicts the conclusion of an overwhelming number of scientific experts and the findings of the federal government. Leading scientific assessments have repeatedly found that climate change is fueled largely by human greenhouse gas emissions.

Reposting from November 9, 2017.

Senators play with Kathleen Hartnett White, Trump appointee to Council on Environmental Quality.

Like baffling a cat with a laser pointer.


Kathleen Hartnett White, who was nominated to lead the White House’s Council on Environmental Quality, tried and failed to defend her denial of climate change during a Senate confirmation hearing for the position on Wednesday.

During the hearing, Sen. Ben Cardin, a Democrat from Maryland, bluntly asked Hartnett White if she believed in climate change. “I am uncertain,” she answered before realizing she was clearly off script. “No, I’m not. I jumped ahead. Climate change is of course real.” Hm. It sure sounds like Hartnett White was coached to acknowledge climate change, but question its causes. Scott Pruitt, current Environmental Protection Agency administrator, pulled a similar stunt during his confirmation hearing.

Hartnett White also confirmed that she wasn’t a scientist, which seems to be a theme amongst hopeful Trump administration environmental and agricultural appointees. “I’m not a scientist, but in my personal capacity I have many questions that remain unanswered by current climate policy,” Hartnett White told Cardin. “I think we indeed need to have more precise explanation of the human role and the natural role.”


Senator Merkeley – “Which of these bars is the highest?”


6 Responses to “Trump Dumps Dumbass Denialist Doyenne”

  1. Sir Charles Says:

    Wow! And that’s the government official and environmental policy advisor of the US and A? That’s what you get when you elect a dangerous clown as your president.

    • dumboldguy Says:

      In his need to be the first to say something (anything) and continue with his anti-Americanism, Sir Chucky plays “Dr. Obvious and tells us “That’s what you get when you elect a dangerous clown as your president”.

      DUH! and Double DUH!!, Chucky.

      It is good that more of the Horsepeople of the Trumpocalypse are being knocked off—-unfortunately, they have been mostly bit players—-the rest of the major horsemen are still spreading metaphorical (but some literal) Death, Famine, War, and Conquest throughout the government and the world.

      • Sir Charles Says:

        We all know by now that you desperately love your country and your president, dumbo.

        • dumboldguy Says:

          WE all know by now that you are a self-absorbed lightweight and dilettante who only comes to Crock to post inanities, strut about crowing about your imagined victories, and attempt to toy with your betters.

          A new truth is that you seem to have a reading impairment, or you never bother to read my comments because you’re too busy admiring yourself in the mirror—-if you did read my comments, you would know that my feeling towards Trump can best be described as HATE for what he is doing to the country that I live in (but do not “desperately love” because it has so many imperfections).

          Up your game or go away, Chucky—-you waste our time.

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