On Thin Ice

February 1, 2018


11 Responses to “On Thin Ice”

  1. Sir Charles Says:

    Majestically, yeah…

    • dumboldguy Says:


      • Sir Charles Says:

        I almost missed you, dumb old patriot.

        • dumboldguy Says:

          Yes, I noticed that you “missed” me. The obligatory (and sophomoric) thumb down has only just now appeared. Besides being sophomoric, do you also suffer from that Irish stereotype of drinking too much? Is that why your befuddled brain thinks that the thumbs down you give to every one of my comments is meaningful? That you don’t recognize that anyone who comes to Crock regularly views it as childish “baiting” that only makes YOU look like a loser and chlldish moron?

          You may be aware from my other comments on Crock that I spent 23 years as a school administrator at the high school level. I began my administrative career in the 1970’s, a VERY crazy time in the USA and in the schools. You think your feeble little efforts are going to be noticed? I had fist-sized rocks thrown through my office windows, the air let out of all my car tires, the mirrors and licence plates broken off my car, dents kicked in the doors, and the best “prank”—quite a few dents in the hood, roof, and trunk of my car one day when I parked it where the baseball team could loft foul balls over the fence and hit it. They were all watching when I came out after school—-I smiled, shook my head, flashed them the peace sign, and left. A couple came down and apologized the next day

          Her’s a little story, the moral of which you may be able to understand (when you’re sober). The head custodian came to my office one day and insisted that I come with him to “see something”. He took me to a boy’s toilet and pointed out some big and bold graffiti all over the walls—-fat magic marker—–“Mr. **** eats ***”, Mr. **** sucks donkey ****”, and so on. He informed me that his custodians were “quite busy and might not be able to clean it off for a while”—-said it with a grin—–he was a lazy and ignorant POS that I was constantly lighting fires under to do his job, and I was not one of his favorite people. His mouth fell open when I said “That’s OK—leave it up there for a couple of weeks if you have to”. When he asked why, I said “Notice how they all say MISTER—-it’s nice that even the ****heads show me proper respect”, and I left. The walls were cleaned within two hours.

  2. dumboldguy Says:

    If the eagle on the ice is a metaphor for the nation, climate change or the heat from the Dumpster Fire in the WH will soon melt the ice and get the wings flapping.

    Here’s a bird that is perhaps even a better metaphor for what’s going on—-i.e., wise old owls (non Trump voters) are being tossed about more than the eagle.

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