News Giving you Sads? Facebook has the Answer!

January 27, 2018


4 Responses to “News Giving you Sads? Facebook has the Answer!”

  1. Nice, the global environment may be collapsing, but a continual steam of fluffy animal vids and guys making dicks of themselves trying to jump skate boards over ponds filled with alligators will fix all that. Why didn’t some highly paid scientist think of that earlier?

  2. redskylite Says:

    That was one hellishly weird video, pinch me, am I on the right planet even?, has someone slipped something into my drink ? As an eldely twentieth century man I know I spend far too much time on facebook, I have a small circle of relatives, ex-colleagues, friends and Climate interested people (like and including Mr Sinclair.) I publish NASA’s latest monthly temperature stats, NOAA’s CO2 stats, but my friends give me photos of happy and cuddly cats and dogs. I celebrate and share companies introducing E.V fleets and going with renewables, more cats and dogs in return (not even one like) . Is it me, am I missing something ? Is there anyone out there ?

    • redskylite Says:

      At this point in the plot, the bitter and alienated Pink is attempting to reach anybody outside of his self-built wall. The repeated question “Is there anybody out there?” suggests that no response is heard.

  3. Sir Charles Says:

    Never bothered about Fakebook. You’re not getting my data, Zuckerberg.

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