Portlandia: What About Men?

January 21, 2018

I’ll think of this from now on, every time I see a bunch of whiny Alt-right man-boys.


2 Responses to “Portlandia: What About Men?”

  1. Betty Harris Says:

    After getting up early this a.m. and shoveling the sidewalk so the plumber could get in to fix the disposal, a toilet and replace one toilet, all of which I was put in charge of, including buying the disposal and the toilet and getting help to get the toilet upstairs so it could be installed today… After fixing my husband’s breakfast and having to fix mine later…because, you know, shoveling snow…. when the plumber needed to access the kitchen sink area and I sat down to eat my breakfast, my husband, who was doing nothing, told me to clean out under the sink! That’s when I’d had enough!! I’ll tell you about men… they want to be babied, they want all your attention but if you have anything to say they turn their hearing aids off to save the batteries, they want you to do everything because they are retired so don’t have to do anything. This is why women live longer – they aren’t allowed to retire!

    So when men start to carrying their own load I’ll worry about their egos. Given the same job a woman will do twice the work and get paid 25% less than a man. Humanity would never have survived this long without women and their ability to multitask, which most men can’t seem to do or if they can they feel put upon when required to do so.

    • grindupbaker Says:

      Let me know if you get a divorce and become available. Meantime, if you’re U.S. American then learn snow shoveling technique because they’re all incompetent at it.

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