Michigan Gubernatorial Candidate: Science!!

January 21, 2018

Science! is a thing in political races around the country.


2 Responses to “Michigan Gubernatorial Candidate: Science!!”

  1. dumboldguy Says:

    Shri looks like a true “American Dream” candidate.

    Unfortunately, racism is also a “thing” in political races, and his name, appearance, accent, and “foreignness” may work against him among the voters in a state that helped give us Trump.

    He reminds me of a Democratic candidate here in VA who almost unseated the famous fundamentalist dinosaur Bob Marshall in the 13th. VA house district in 2013—-lost by fewer than 500 votes out of 17.500 cast. Atif Qarni is a Marine Iraq vet who teaches social studies in my county—-an excellent candidate except for you-know-what. (In an op-ed in The Washington Post regarding a later run for the state Senate, Qarni wrote that he faced resistance from other Democrats who told him he couldn’t win because he is Muslim). Qarni has just been appointed VA’s Secretary of Education by governor Ralph Northam. (Marshall was finally knocked off his 25-year run in 2017 by Danica Roem, a transgender female).

  2. indy222 Says:

    Here’s a wet dream for you – that in the ’18 election every Republican is thrown out of office as the lying, double-crossing, corporate-bought skanks that they are, and replaced with scientists. And LGBT’s. THAT would cause the rest of the Republican “base” such apoplexy that they would hopefully pass away on the spot and we could regrow from a better place.

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