Vice News on Weathermen Who Don’t do Climate

January 14, 2018

Relevant spot starts at 19:30.

For my take and interviews on the same topic, see below.




3 Responses to “Vice News on Weathermen Who Don’t do Climate”

  1. J4Zonian Says:

    The announcer in the first video says these weather people who refuse to admit reality are scientists. Most of them aren’t. Coal sludge excuses for their anti-science nonsense aside, many of these people have financial ties to the fossil fuel industry, directly or indirectly through think tank funding that comes from the fossil fuel industry. Bastardi, Coleman, and others are polluting the public airwaves with industry lies. They should be stopped.

    Coleman’s degree is in journalism.
    Bastardi has only a bachelors degree.

    Even Desmogblog is unnecessarily kind, mislabeling them. They’re denying delayalists–denying some part of the overwhelming weight of science in order to delay rational responses to climate catastrophe.

  2. leslie graham Says:

    I stopped where he said ‘natural variability is still the primary driver’.
    I find it impossible to believe that someone who has spent so much of his life studying weather could possibly be that ignorant. Any bright twelve year old in the UK could educate this fool. The Earth would be still in the slow cooling phase of not for the 44$ increase in heat-trapping gas.
    He MUST know that.
    Therefore the only logical conclusion is that he is simply lying.
    Why I don’t know – if it’s not money it must be fear.

  3. If they still do not understand maybe they should study the Azola Event, a good read, and may I say his daughter is a real honey

    The Arctic Azolla event
    Jonathan Bujak and Alexandra Bujak* reveal how a unique plant changed our planet’s climate – and may do so again…

    Our modern bipolar icehouse world contrasts strongly with the earlier greenhouse climate of the Mesozoic, which had lower latitudinal thermal gradients and poles that were much warmer than those of today. The Cenozoic greenhouse-to-icehouse shift is even more striking because the geological record indicates that our present climate, with its bipolar glaciation and succession of glacial-interglacial cycles, is highly unusual and possibly unique in the Earth’s history.

    Maybe those Geniuses can explain the reason for that uniqueness, oh I know MAGA

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