Stephen Colbert on Trump and Polar Vortex

January 3, 2018

22 Responses to “Stephen Colbert on Trump and Polar Vortex”

  1. Sir Charles Says:

    Isn’t there a sandbox where they both could play in?

    • dumboldguy Says:

      Not without hurting each other by throwing things around. Nor is there a wading pool they could play in, since they would both quickly poop and pee in it and make it uninhabitable.

      • Sir Charles Says:

        So what? It would mean facing the consequences of that lunacy. No more, no less. The Germans also had to learn the hard way. And Germany is now one of the most democratic countries in the world. I know it sounds sarcastic. But so what?

  2. dumboldguy Says:

    It sounds more like a logic fail and a verification of Godwin’s Law rather than sarcasm—-I was the one trying to be sarcastic

    The “things” that are being thrown around in the sandbox are nuclear weapons, and the “poop and pee in the pool” is a metaphorical reference to how the Dotard with the bad haircut and the chubby toad with the bad haircut might mess up large portions of the planet.

    So what, you say? SO WHAT?! And the freaking Germans “had to learn the hard way”? Lord love a duck and JFC! Let’s hope what was one of the “most democratic countries in the world” doesn’t follow Trump down the rathole and do a reprise of what happened in Germany—-there will be no Marshall Plan to help us recover if that happens.

    • Sir Charles Says:

      You don’t need to explain what you’re saying, Dumbo. And I think I can assure you that Merkel won’t visit the US again to apologize for not participating in a war. Europe is keeping a healthy distance to that Donald Duck, as the rest of the world (except Israel of course) is.

      A Marshall Plan for the US the day after? You never know 🙂

      • dumboldguy Says:

        Sorry, Chuck, but the old adage “Once a teacher, always a teacher” IS true.

        We retired educators sometimes cannot resist the urge to “explain” things to people who miss the point and wander off into La-La Logic Land.

        (And if there is a “day after” any world-wide conflict and we lose, the likely winners (a China-Iran-Pakistan coalition?) will not likely be offering us any help—-it’s not part of their tradition).

        PS Once again, the morons who award ALL of my comments on any thread 1 thumb down (and sometimes 2) make their appearance here. Doesn’t matter what i say, the down thumb is apparently awarded because some child just doesn’t like me. Is it you, Chuck? Seems likely since no one else seems to be paying attention to this thread. I’m sure that the second one is from Ron Voisin or Russell Cook, two others who, like you, do not appreciate being ripped new anal orifices. Grow up folks—-either engage in some intelligent discussion or go sit in the corner ans suck your thumbs.

        • Sir Charles Says:

          You still take everything too personally, dumbo. You’re not the centre of the world. Why do you assume that Europe, Australia and NZ could be extinguished? You think they’d all give their lives for Donald Tramp and his US and A?

          • dumboldguy Says:

            Not “everything”, Chuck—-only those things that are obviously personal (and cowardly and stupid as well). And I admit defeat when it comes to dethroning you from your imperial position at the “center of the world” (but do put on some clothes).

            I must ask for clarification of your La La Land Logic once again. “Extinguished?” Perhaps not, but do you think that the ~750 million folks in densely packed Europe would not be impacted if WW3 breaks out? They would have enough trouble taking care of themselves and little would be left for helping the US.

            And the ~25 million Aussies and ~5 million Kiwis (and their 150 million sheep) will be able to offer little help to anyone, even if the “coalition” chooses not to send a few nukes their way just to secure their southern flank.

          • Sir Charles Says:

            Which translates into: poor dumbo, nobody’s gonna help him, not even the sheep. Mööööh…

            If it’s true that you once were a teacher then your students must have had good fun with you. You’re literally chewing every single bait I’m throwing towards your direction. Sorry, dude, but I just love it 🙂

          • dumboldguy Says:

            Keep loving it, DUDE! Your Dunning-Kruger affliction obviously makes it difficult for you to understand that you are NOT baiting me but instead demonstrating a sloppy, lazy, self-satisfied, (and quite imaginary) superiority in this exchange.

            I haven’t awarded an Order of the Demented Rooster lately, but you have earned one with your strutting about the Crock barnyard crowing about your imagined victories here. Rather than attempt to discuss this very serious problem of “insane leaders”, you play infantile games. Mööööh…indeed.

            And yes, it’s true that i was once a teacher—-7 years teaching HS physics and biology, followed by 23 years as a school administrator, where I taught etiquette and consequences among other things—-you would have spent some time learning from me back then.

          • Sir Charles Says:

            Super! Etiquette… LMAO

            Brilliant, dumbo. I love it. Keep it up, your … err… etiquette 😉

          • dumboldguy Says:

            As expected, a childishly feeble and non substantive response, punctuated by an LMAO and ignorant mockery. Put on some clothes, Chuck.

        • Sir Charles Says:

          Still crying, dumbo?

          Actually, the reason why I’m pulling your leg is your stupid patriotism.

          • dumboldguy Says:

            WordPress ate a comment—-it’s been 2 hours—-I’ll try again.

            Once again, a childishly feeble and non substantive response—-it reminds us of that stupid stupid woman—the departed and unlamented russian troll V*********—–who seemed to think that GIF’s were the equivalent of discourse. Is Chuck capable of no better than V?

            And “pulling my leg”? Is that what Chuck has been doing? Please DO talk some more about my “stupid patriotism”, Chuck. What evidences have I given of patriotism? Why is it “stupid”? How does it differ from your (obviously) “smarter” patriotism? Are you patriotic, Chuck? What counrty do you owe allegiance to? Have you ever served?

          • Sir Charles Says:

            No I’m not a patriot, dumbo. Patriotism is something for the simple minded. I’m Earth’s citizen, not owned by any state or nation.

            Also => The Cancer of Patriotism

            So keep on crying, dumb old guy.

          • dumboldguy Says:

            Another smug, self-satisfied and ill thought out (to the point of stupid) comment from Chuckie, who is solidifying his hold on the title of “Demented Rooster of the Month”.

            He’s an EARTH’S CITIZEN, he says? Not “owned” by an state or nation? Of course, the fact that he’s commenting via the internet indicates that he IS ensconced in some reasonably advanced “state” and not living as a true “earth citizen” in the woods somewhere, clad in animal skins, grubbing for roots, and killing small animals with his bare hands. “Hypocritical parasite” might be a better term for Chucky’s attachment to the planet, since most humans DO exist within some organized societal grouping where they agree to mutually support each other.

            And of course, Chucky once again dodges the opportunity to engage in some meaningful dialogue. He has left unanswered my many questions, except for, as usual, giving a link to some piece that he doesn’t really comprehend because of his “simple-mindedness”. I will ask again:

            “Please DO talk some more about my “stupid patriotism”, Chuck. What evidences have I given of patriotism? Why is it “stupid”? How does it differ from your (obviously) “smarter” patriotism? Are you patriotic, Chuck? What counrty do you owe allegiance to? Have you ever served?

            So keep on spouting inane bullshit, Chuckie—–continue to embarrass yourself on this thread where no one is paying attention if you wish. I am waiting for you to stop strutting around the barnyard so that we can engage in in some real discussion.
            Are you capable of that?

          • Sir Charles Says:

            You think that the internet is owned by your US and A, dumbo? That’s why it’s called internet… Here another bait, dumb old guy:

            Enjoy the craic!

          • Sir Charles Says:

            For all followers: This is just the continuation of an earlier discussion which can be found here => Bill Maher: Coal? or Kohls? (also above and below)

          • dumboldguy Says:

            Another inane response that demonstrates Chucky’s inability to engage in real discussion—–(although it is good to see that Chucky admits to being ugly and smelly along with the self-evident dumb and stupid).

            And in his laziness and avoidance of the present exchange, he cites a discussion from 7 months ago, saying that this is a continuation of that? LOL Sorry, Chucky—-your continued reliance on crack (spell it correctly) and “baiting” is only adding feethers and stuffing to your Demented Rooster Suit.

          • Sir Charles Says:

            Hey dumb old guy. google for ‘craic’, just for the … err… etiquette 😉

          • dumboldguy Says:

            With pleasure, Chucky. Become enlightened.


  3. botterd Says:

    Actually, the “insane leader” narrative is generally the prelude to preemptive interference and war — that would spell global disaster in the current situation. “Insane leader” makes it sounds like getting rid of one guy would significantly change policy, as if there were no elites and bureaucracy sustaining the developments. It also completely obscures the historical dynamics: In this case, regime change started on Sept 8 1945, and has so far been a catastrophic failure. (The US refused to meet with the provisional Korean government that came out to greet them at Incheon, instead preferring to do businees with the (capitulated) Japanese occupying authority.)

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