Spectacular: CNN on Greenland Melt

December 23, 2017

Dark Snow Project Chief Scientist Jason Box had a big hand in this spectacular examination of Greenland’s melt.
Superlative climate communication. Definitive Greenland video.


5 Responses to “Spectacular: CNN on Greenland Melt”

  1. ubrew12 Says:

    That concept of ‘committed warming’ or ‘committed sea level rise’ is one to present constantly. The people who called this a hoax have been proven wrong: the changes are all around us. If they were wrong about the present, they were wrong about the future, and there is much about the near future that we are already committed to, thanks to the sheer inertia of the planet we are thoughtlessly kicking about.

    • dumboldguy Says:

      Yes—-unfortunately, until things get much worse and widespread flooding occurs (i.e., irrefutable PROOF) , the morons will continue to deny the science. By then, the inertia factor may push things into the catastrophic and irreversible range. Then what?

  2. dumboldguy Says:

    Spectacular, superlative, and definitive indeed! Some visuals that took my breath away.

    And the Tyrolean hat and Icelandic sweater look is a good one for Box—-as the old guys said when I was a kid—“Very spiffy!”.

  3. jajoslinjajoslin Says:

    … Very Excellent, though very LATE, condensed primer for people who mostly watch ONLY CNN etc. ( A lot of people, no doubt.)

    But, splice -together-a -couple of your ‘EARLY’ videos , Peter… and , uh… your work goes head to head w/ CNN no prob. (Pick your category…)

    Luckily, CNN can rent EXTRA helicopters w/o even causing an accountant’s eyelash to blink, so they can easily slather on the ‘spectacular’ stuff to decorate Jason Box’s urgent reasoning. Of course, thanks to this site !… a lot of us have known that Jason Box’s thinking has been as impressive as the Greenland vista for quite a long time !!

    Reminds me of a timeworn ironworkers’ aphorism: ‘ Only a few are willing to build a bridge …an eager crowd will show up to use it once the hard work is done ‘ .

    Nod to the pioneer .-JJoslin ( Detroit, South of the Canadian borderline )

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