“This isn’t a Double A Mate”. Aussies Debate Tesla’s Giant Battery

December 18, 2017

News and comedy show from Australia displays humorous news take that we need more of in the US.


3 Responses to ““This isn’t a Double A Mate”. Aussies Debate Tesla’s Giant Battery”

  1. Torsten Says:

    That fat doofus arguing against battery storage would have been arguing against the ICE powered vehicles a hundred years ago because there weren’t gas stations in every neighbourhood. He would have argued against the wheel long before that because in the absence of ball bearings they squeaked and grease was needed too often. These people are just useless.

  2. rhymeswithgoalie Says:

    [Aside to Americans: In Australia, “liberal” is more akin to what we’d call “libertarian” in the US.]

    • Mike Male Says:

      We sometimes refer to Craig Kelly as the Minister for Coal. He’s a blowhard dinosaur who regularly trots out the usual climate canards in parliament. Like my friend above me here, I’d like to reiterate that the Liberal Party of Australia is a misnomer. Its full of right wing Catholic nutters.

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