FCC Commish as Offensively Clueless as you Thought

December 16, 2017

Someone thought putting out a cluelessly tasteless, unfunny victory lap video for the FCC Commissioner that just approved killing the internet as we know it, would be a great idea.
Trump needs to be impeached for this video alone.
Currently at 172k thumbs down, feel free to add yours.

“Freedom”, for republicans, is the unfettered ability of giant corporations and the rich to bulldoze over anyone less powerful.

BBC, below, has informative explanation.


2 Responses to “FCC Commish as Offensively Clueless as you Thought”

  1. dumboldguy Says:

    JFC!! “…cluelessly tasteless and unfunny” does not even begin to describe this dung heap of stupidity from this egomaniac. Why does a government official at his level have to take a “victory lap” anyway”?—-(other than to emulate the Moron-In -Chief)

    Impeach them both—-SOON—-PLEASE!!!! I can’t take much more of this.

  2. Andy Lee Robinson Says:

    Any government that attempts to tax, censor or take the internet away from its people will soon be an ex-government.

    Designed to be resilient after a nuclear war, the Internet treats censorship as an attack and reroutes around it.

    Even if people resort to a FIDO system of wifi point to point antennas and carrier pigeons, solutions will be found.

    Clueless governments will find out the hard way.

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