NASA Measures Solar Energy Impacting Earth

December 9, 2017

Most Climate deniers unaware.

5 Responses to “NASA Measures Solar Energy Impacting Earth”

  1. rhymeswithgoalie Says:

    Republican Congress to shut down the program in 3, 2, 1….

    • grindupbaker Says:

      Yes of course. That was always the goal for 20 years or whatever. But there’s no inherent reason why U.S. Americans should be operating such a disproportionate amount and funding it. If other humans don’t step up to the plate then que sera sera.

  2. grindupbaker Says:

    You can get the daily numbers from NASA site. I put 3,676 days of them 2003-02 to 2013-03 in a spreadsheet on 2013-03 to do some trivial analysis. I computed 1361.0953 and 1361.3726 w/m**2 as the average Total Solar Irradiance & Total Solar Irradiance at Earth distance. I forget since 5 years ago what the differing measurements meant. Sun being 1.67% off-centre of Earth’s essentially-perfectly-circular orbit must be removed from the raw data because that 6.67% annual variation isn’t in the table. It’s like:

    Nominal Data Time Nominal Data Time Average Data Time Stdev of Average Data Time Total Solar Irradiance Instrument Accuracy Instrument Precision in TSI Solar Standard Deviation Total Uncertainty in TSI Total Solar Irradiance at Earth distance Instrument Accuracy at Earth distance Instrument Precision at Earth distance Solar Standard Deviation in TSI at Earth Total Uncertainty in TSI at Earth distance
    20030319.5 2452718 2452717.804 0.3280 1361.4361 0.4766 0.0068 0.04938 0.4791 1373.8767 0.4809 0.0068 0.2416 0.5382
    20030320.5 2452719 2452719.062 0.2722 1361.4712 0.4766 0.0068 0.05172 0.4794 1372.9348 0.4806 0.0068 0.2330 0.5341
    20030321.5 2452720 2452719.997 0.2931 1361.4073 0.4765 0.0068 0.04875 0.4790 1372.1373 0.4803 0.0068 0.2508 0.5419

    I was just viewing again a 2010 Dr. Dan Lubin Maunder Minimum talk and the plot there shows 1364.2 w/m**2 in 1720 AD to 1367.5 w/m**2 in 1980-2000 AD, so it’s up 3.3 w/m**2 since 1720 AD which is +0.74 degrees gross GMST attempt for insolation 1720 AD to 2000 AD using the scientists’ best feedbacks assessment (~+0.37 degrees 1720 to 1910 AD and ~+0.37 degrees 1910 to 2000 AD). Note that the base range 1364-1368 w/m**2 is all ~4 w/m**2 too high and must have been scaled by the early instruments which were found to read too high by the engineers on each instrument change (2 of them anyway), so ~1366 gets scaled down to ~1362 approximately (details are at NASA somewhere).

    The big thing now that the 2015/16 El Nino happened and broke the stream of La Ninas and screwed up the “flat trend” meme that served them for years is this ignorant unquantified crap about electricity, charged particles and magnetic fields. It’s unquantified in all drivel because the energy involved over an Earth-sized region (a tiny region of space) is sub sub sub miniscule. The thing to go with in this case is lots of 16-colour bright cartoons showing electricity and magnetism plus lots of talk about needing to study things and with zero quantified analysis. That does the job. It certainly has me fooled after my years of engineering work that includes D.C. and A.C. electric motors.

    Sun’s core hydrogen fusion power density matches a 30-Watt light bulb in a tea chest 3 feet on each side, or a hot compost heap. Sun’s core has room for lots of tea chests or compost. Sun puts out 2,000,000,000 times as much power as the bit that reaches Earth’s atmosphere.

    • grindupbaker Says:

      I got the wrong because I forgot 0.30 planet albedo. I thought it seemed high. So, since 1720 AD which is +0.52 degrees gross GMST attempt for insolation 1720 AD to 2000 AD using the scientists’ best feedbacks assessment (~+0.26 degrees 1720 to 1910 AD and ~+0.26 degrees 1910 to 2000 AD).

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