The Nature Fix

December 8, 2017

One more reason the fossil fuel industry has to destroy the natural world.

Being in the natural world makes people less angry, frightened, and disconnected. i.e. less easy to control.


4 Responses to “The Nature Fix”

  1. dumboldguy Says:

    The Nature Fix is real—-just going out and walking round the yard helps, and there’s a reason dogs are man’s best friend, and people keep fish in aquariums and birds, hamsters, and guinea pigs in cages.

  2. indy222 Says:

    The Nature Fix – absolutely true. But, the video wouldn’t play. No matter. I get my nature fix with lots of running and biking through the mountains and redwoods. it works. Every time. It’s both addictive, and if you don’t do it, it’s anti-addictive. Couch-potatoes can’t be seduced into the wilds no matter the claims of pleasure and invigoration. Too many flashbacks of a nightmare junior high gym class with a sadistic coach, I think.

  3. Russell Cook (@QuestionAGW) Says:

    Whole-heartedly agree with the video, thumbs-up to both D.o.g.’s & indy222’s comments. I was born & raised in a home only a few hundred meters away from access to multi-thousand hectare national forest, and one of the reasons why I am far more familiar than the average person with the EPA Gold King Mine disaster is because that specific set of Colorado mountains is where I spend my internet-free holiday each summer.

    One-star vote on Peter’s two-sentence take on the vid since it strays far into unsupportable conspiracy theory.

    • dumboldguy Says:

      LOL—here’s “no stars” Russell, the paid climate denier whore, babbling on about his connection to nature in an attempt to achieve some relevance. The “nature fix” obviously didn’t work on him, because he is now a part of the REAL “unsupportable” conspiracy—-the “Exxon Knew” and Heartland Institute world of climate denial.

      And isn’t it cute that he brings up the Gold King mine “disaster” by way of taking a shot at the EPA. How about instead talking about how Trump and Pruitt are trying to destroy the EPA, Russell? Or how Perry is working to revive coal? NO conspiracies there, uh-uh.

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