YouTube Terminates Largest Climate Science Channel

December 1, 2017


In the age of Trump, pedophilia is a virtue, while no good deed goes unpunished, and science is increasingly a thought crime.

Climate State has been doing an absolutely amazing job of providing a useful historical archive of important experts warning on climate issues through past decades.

I have accessed their vast archive of historical and scientific footage many times for pieces on this blog,  in fact, I had one in the can for tomorrow, footage of Carl Sagan warning about climate change in 1990. It is no longer available — and will remain so, unless YouTube, in its wisdom, reinstates them.

Climate State:

Here we go again, after YouTube just last February took down the Climate State channel, and now again. The Climate State channel had close to 18.000 subscribers and 6.5 million views, over 600 videos – the biggest climate change focused channel on the planet.

If visitors now try to access the channel, a highlighted message reads:

This account has been terminated due to multiple or severe violations of YouTube’s policy against spam, deceptive practices, and misleading content or other Terms of Service violations.

Back in February it took several days before the channel was enabled again – and nobody provided any explanation. The channel is in good standing, meaning there are zero copyright strikes, there are no valid copyright claims, and no other community violations we made aware of. The community guidelines are very broad, and can be read here.

In an email YouTube staff informed us of the following:

We’d like to inform you that due to repeated or severe violations of our Community Guidelines ( your YouTube account Climate State has been suspended.

After review we determined that activity in your account violated our Community Guidelines, which prohibit spam, scams or commercially deceptive content ( ).

Please be aware that you are prohibited from accessing, possessing or creating any other YouTube accounts. For more information about account terminations and how our Community Guidelines are enforced, please visit our Helper Center

The appeal was rejected, citing the community guidelines. Apparently, the decision is wrong when YouTube cites spam, scams and deception.

If you feel that YouTube should activate our channel, sign below petition. It takes just a few minutes. If the channel stays inactive then I have no longer the option to publish video content, the stuff I did the past two years extensively, hundreds of videos. A YouTube policy prohibits me from doing climate videos ever again in light of a termination. The petition will be send to YouTube’s CEO.

Our video backup can be accessed here If you want to support us you can become a Patreon, or donate. Climate State is entirely independent, without funding.

Peter Sinclair: Climate State has been doing an absolutely amazing job of providing a useful historical archive of important experts warning on climate issues through past decades.


19 Responses to “YouTube Terminates Largest Climate Science Channel”

  1. Because it is a private entity, then there may not really be any recourse with them based in law.

    I wonder in the age of Trump, it there is some kind of undue influence taking place behind the scenes? I wonder if more climate conversations will be censored?

    Are we seeing censorship increase in the public sphere?

    • dumboldguy Says:

      Are we seeing censorship increase in the public sphere?

      Short answer—–Yes!

    • andrewfez Says:

      A hit piece went out earlier this year in the WSJ (if I recall) where it showed an obscure Youtube channel with a bunch of racist content being monetized with advertisements from Coca-Cola. This was an exception, rather than the rule, but large corporations called into Youtube and said they didn’t want their ads playing on ‘controversial’ channels. Then progressive news shows on Youtube with large followings got demonetized and some were put on secret black-lists. David Packman was demonetized, Secular Talk was too, Young Turks took some hits. They’ve had to try to make up revenue by starting Patreon donations right at a time when they invested heavily in new studios and gear.

      This is just damage control for the MSM. They want exclusive rights to push their corporate-biased opinions onto the public. They want Bernie Sander’s popularity to be a fluke. They sure as heck don’t want any large, uncontrollable voices shouting out to the American people.

      • neilrieck Says:

        You are correct. As one news media outlet says every week at the beginning of one of their programs “corporations run Washington and America has just elected a businessman for president”

        But it gets worse, take a look at the credentials of Trumps appointments to the Department of Agriculture or the Environmental Protection Agency to only name two of many

  2. indy222 Says:

    This is chilling. Your site may well be next. While there’s still time, some sort of organized response needs to be thought through.

  3. The purge is in full swing.. Anti science, anti intellectual.

    Fascism is on the rise..

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  5. rabiddoomsayer Says:

    Many of the decisions at You Tube appear to be done by bots, some of the channel closures, single video closures and demonetization do not make sense otherwise. Beyond that there does appear a concerted effort to control the information flow.

    It is also evident on the Google search engine and the Google News page. Chris Hedges has complained, RT complains

    There have also been some rumblings on Facebook. I don’t know why people feel threatened by Vegans unless it is meat producers. I was not on any the specific groups so I don’t know the full details.

    A backup site is probably a good idea.

  6. Harry Twinotter Says:

    I got the impression that the channel did reupload content. Perhaps that is the reason for the suspension. I am not going to go “conspiracy theory” about censorship until there is evidence of a conspiracy.

    If you still want to see the Stephen Schneider presentation, here is another version. I watched it and I recommend it, it’s a good piece of history.

  7. […] being mysteriously blocked on YouTube, the Trove of climate science videos at Climate State is now back on line, after a big reaction […]

  8. […] being mysteriously blocked on YouTube, the Trove of climate science videos at Climate State is now back on line, after a big reaction […]

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