Top Signs We’re Dealing with a Cult

November 27, 2017

See below at 2:40.
Trump voter would not believe Russiagate story if “Jesus came down off the cross” to tell him.

7 Responses to “Top Signs We’re Dealing with a Cult”

  1. dumboldguy Says:

    One of the most disturbing things about this is how the modern day Evangelicals have abandoned Christ’s teachings and Christian principles and become Trump and alt-right “cultists”. Many of the comments of the “one year later” Trump voters in the CNN piece are quite disturbing—-if they are typical of the Trump Cult membership, the great majority will NEVER see reason.

    • I guess if you are already susceptible to cult membership tendencies, the transition isn’t actually a huge step.

    • As a religious person with a religious background (Son of a Preacher Man), it is worth noting that Jesus warned that in the latter days there would be false preachers and teachers that would seduce many Godly people away from Gods path, using “miracles” and the old pagan ritual of speaking in tongues to impress and sway the weak of faith as they twist and distort the teachings of God and Jesus
      They will be instrumental in placing the evil one in power and keeping him there. Worth Noting that we know Jesus as Jesus Christ, in the Greek it is Jesus Kristos. i.e JK
      Jared Kushner is an orthodox Jew and very capable and smart and growing in power and influence, I wonder if he is of the house of David as the antichrist is a counterfeit, thus also of the House of David.

      I don’t often bring in the religious , however it is the time and place, yes the rise of the beast and the Antichrist will be Cult like

  2. ubrew12 Says:

    1:10 Kim says “see I think he’s going after what he said, I think he’s meeting a lot of resistance.” Think about that: Republican President, Republican Senate, Republican House, and arguably, Republican Supreme Court. This last (a Republican Supreme Court) is pretty much the only thing Trump has accomplished, and that selection was certainly made by some conservative committee somewhere that has a list of names. Arguably the only thing Trump has done is convince a number of GOP members of Congress to question why they are Republican, and to opt out by retiring (but before they go, leveling some serious criticisms about the guy in the Oval Office).

  3. A depressing (and scary) fact: A majority of Americans of my age/demographic are just plain *nuts*.

  4. All part of the pattern of spreading insanity

    As the legend goes, those who’m the Gods will destroy, they first drive insane

    After mass shootings, survivors and victims’ families face a second round of attacks online – and fighting back is ‘like trying to kill roaches with a fly swatter

    Mike Cronk was sitting half-naked on a street corner, hands covered in blood, when the TV news reporter approached. The 48-year-old, who had used his shirt to try to plug a bullet wound in his friend’s chest, recounted in a live interview how a young man he did not know had just died in his arms.

    Cronk’s story of surviving the worst mass shooting in modern US history went viral, but many people online weren’t calling him a hero. On YouTube, dozens of videos, viewed by hundreds of thousands of people, claimed Cronk was an actor hired to play the part of a victim in the Las Vegas mass shooting on 1 October.

    Conspiracy theorists harassed him on Facebook, sending messages like “How much did they pay you?” and “How does it feel to be part of a hoax?” The claims multiplied and soon YouTube’s algorithm began actively promoting the conspiracy theory.

    Two months later, Cronk’s online reputation appears damaged beyond repair. Type “Mike Cronk” into Google and YouTube, and the sites automatically suggest searches for “actor” and “fake”, leading to popular videos claiming he and his wounded friend were performers and that the Mandalay Bay tragedy that killed 58 people never happened.

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