Samantha Bee: Climate Deniers Going Down with Their Island.

November 23, 2017

Apologies to Katherine Hayhoe, one of my favorite people, but some folks are genuinely arrogant about their own ignorance.  Observe.


9 Responses to “Samantha Bee: Climate Deniers Going Down with Their Island.”

  1. Jerry Falwel Says:

    This islands problems have zero to do with the climate. There is a government report a few years back which set out the problems and suggested a solution which was an expensive dike system. The island with is mostly sand is washing away in part and the dikes would fix that. The island does have a land subsidence problem from groundwater extraction but that is relatively minor compared to the sand washing away problem.

    • realthog Says:

      Have you even the first idea how deluded you are?

      I’m sorry. I’d love to be polite. But your brand of outright stupidity is going to kill my grandson, in a few decades’ time. He’s a nice wee boy, and doesn’t deserve your gratuitous malice.

  2. dumboldguy Says:

    Failswell cites a nice report from VIMS at William and Mary, a good source of research and thinking on Virginia’s seacoast problems Unfortunately, he “fails well” yet again by choosing to ignore this statement from the report—–“Relative sea level has been rising at various rates in Tangier’s vicinity but has averaged about 1 ft/100 years over the past several thousand years. However, the recent tidal update for much of the Bay shows an increase of almost twice that rate over the last 20 years”.

    Nice diagrams in the report of all the sand they suggest be piled up (~$5 million worth) to try to save Uppards, a SWAMP of an “island” that has no inhabitants. If we project the accelerating rate of SLR over the past 20 years a bit, we can guess that Tangier will see a SLR of maybe 4 feet in the next 100 years.

    So—-WHY BOTHER? We should throw away good money to satisfy the arrogance and ignorance of stupid old white men who profess to be “godly” and refuse to accept that “this IS happening”?? LOL—–if the human species can’t do any better than this, we do deserve extinction.

    PS Remember that the VIMS by no means endorses the idea of building the dikes on Uppards. They were paid to do an analysis and develop a plan by those who cater (politicians) to those who refuse to accept reality (stupid old white men) and they did just that.

    If FailsWell bothered to google for some real truth rather than half-assed citations that he doesn’t understand, he might find things like this (from 2015):

    “Two recent studies provide a picture of sea level rise in Virginia. The Virginia Institute of Marine Science (VIMS) issued its report in January 2013, titled Recurrent Flooding Study for Tidewater Virginia. Building on that study and others, on March 10 of this year the Sierra Club released Sea Level Rise: What Should Virginia Plan For?”

    “Both studies agree on some pretty sobering numbers. By the end of this century, the sea level in Norfolk, Virginia, is projected to be 3.6-5 feet above the level in 1992. By that point, the sea will be rising more than half a foot per decade. The numbers are higher for Virginia than for many states, in part because the land around Hampton Roads is also sinking at a rate of about one foot per century”.

    (Tangier is less than 70 miles from Norfolk)

    • ubrew12 Says:

      I think it is high time someone in Virginia took a clue from North Carolina and outlawed the words ‘sea level rise’. They’d sleep better, or is that ‘wetter’?

      • dumboldguy Says:

        Although VA is far behind NC and FL in outlawing the use of the terms “Sea Level Rise” and “Climate Change”, there HAVE been some efforts along those lines from politicians and developers. Fortunately, VA is too “blue” for them to have made much progress, and the folks along the shore (except for those on Tangier) are too smart.

        (And only the delusional sleep better when truth is denied—-we are all sleeping “wetter”).

  3. webej Says:

    Great video, found it quite amusing.

  4. grindupbaker Says:

    The amount looks from comments to be well above the global SLR of 0.7″ / decade. It’s in that region that’s getting local SLR from changes in the NADW & Gulf Stream, piling up more water there (just from memory from some talk & pictorial, I forgot the quantity).

  5. grindupbaker Says:

    Correction: “global SLR of 0.7″ / decade” S.B. “global recent SLR anomaly of +0.7″ / decade (total 1.35″ / decade)”.

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