We Have the Best Disasters! Trump Recovery Misfires in Texas, Ignores California

November 19, 2017


We have the best disasters.

The age of climate consequences is just beginning, and the response is completely inadequate.

Greed and incompetence. Not just for Puerto Ricans anymore.

Dallas Morning News:

WASHINGTON — Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and a host of bipartisan congressional lawmakers are slamming the new $44 billion White House disaster relief aid request as “inadequate.”

The request — submitted Friday to Congress by the Office of Management and Budget — is President Donald Trump’s third since Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria hit the Gulf Coast and Caribbean. It would bring the total appropriated for hurricane relief this fall close to $100 billion, but it falls well short of the demands made by officials from Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico.

At a news conference, Abbott said he’s still reviewing the White House request but that it appears to be “completely inadequate.” What’s more, Abbott said, it “does not live up” to what Trump has pledged in recovery aid, and he complained that Washington worked faster for victims of Superstorm Sandy than for Harvey.

“The president has told me privately what he said publicly, and that is he wants to be the builder president. The president has said he wants this to be the best recovery from a disaster ever,” Abbott said a news conference in which he announced a $5 billion Harvey-related grant from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

“Hopefully, this is only one of multiple steps along the pathway,” Abbott added of the latest aid request.

Texas Sen. John Cornyn, the No. 2 Republican, similarly dismissed the request as “wholly inadequate,” while a host of other Texas lawmakers blasted it as insufficient. Even Democrats, including Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and Florida Sen. Bill Nelson, are criticizing the measure as measly.

CBS Local San Francisco:

The White House Friday sent Congress a $44 billion disaster aid request and it immediately came under attack from California’s two U.S. senators because it does not contain any relief for victims of the wine country wildfires.

In a joint statement, Senators Dianne Feinstein and Kamala Harris called the bill “appalling.”

“It’s appalling the White House is choosing to ignore the victims of California’s wildfires,” the senators said. “The latest disaster supplemental request is a completely inadequate response to all of the recent natural disasters, but it’s particularly egregious that no money was included to help Californians rebuild.”

“To help with the recovery, there’s been a bipartisan effort between California’s congressional delegation and Governor Brown to secure $7.4 billion in federal funds for those devastated by the wildfires,” the statement continued. “Despite the Trump administration’s request, we’ll continue that effort to ensure enough funding is included for California in this aid package before it passes Congress.”

The request, President Donald Trump’s third since hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria slammed the Gulf Coast and Caribbean, would bring the total appropriated for disaster relief this fall close to $100 billion — and that’s before most of the money to rebuild Puerto Rico’s devastated housing stock and electric grid is added in.

The new installment would add $24 billion to the government’s chief disaster account and establish a new $12 billion grant program for flood risk mitigation projects. Smaller amounts would go to small business loans and to aid farmers suffering crop losses.

The request followed lobbying by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rossello, who pressed the White House for far more. There are sure to be attempts to add to the measure as it advances through the House and Senate.

“This request does not come close to what local officials say is needed,” said New York Rep. Nita Lowey, top Democrat on the House Appropriations Committee.



5 Responses to “We Have the Best Disasters! Trump Recovery Misfires in Texas, Ignores California”

  1. webej Says:

    California is filled with democrats !

  2. rsmurf Says:

    All he does is misfire, then blame someone else.

  3. Lionel Smith Says:

    Maybe bills could be sent to Kathleen Hartnett-White and William Wehrum with promise of more in the future for as long as they keep up their ignorance displays.

  4. indy222 Says:

    He wants us to be #1 in disasters? He’s made an excellent start at that, he and his goon squads.

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