Sam Bee on Pruitt and Climate Extremes

October 26, 2017

More below

..that and a hurricane of guns.


6 Responses to “Sam Bee on Pruitt and Climate Extremes”

  1. astrostevo Says:

    Awesome Samantha Bee segments. Love them. 🙂

  2. indy222 Says:

    New in “Nature” this month – Michael Mann and fellow researchers are acknowledging that the IPCC baseline for “pre-industrial temperatures” is ~0.25C too optimistic, i.e. that that baseline is 0.25C cooler than the traditional 1880-1910 average. For comparisons with paleo data studies, like the alarming work of Vaks et al. on when the permafrost melts, it means we’re already at that tipping point.

    • Jerry Falwel Says:

      Mann has made a good living claiming the sky is falling. For some reason the left loves to hear the sky is falling. That temperature you mention is an estimate that came about by ignoring all contrary evidence like trees growing under what is now a glacier in Alaska or trees the grew hundreds of miles north of the present tree line in Canada. If the arctic was ice free in summer for roughly 2000 years as suggested in a recent NASA paper, the permafrost scare is just that, a scare. The world did not end when it was slightly warmer and will not when it is slightly warmer in the future.

  3. J4Zonian Says:

    First vid, 4:45

    If you’re not pissed off that people who support the corporate duopoly’s coordinated attack on human and natural integrity are still trying to blame the only fully sane people in the US–3rd party supporters–for exercising their apparently useless but still constitutional obligation to vote for the best candidates and the only parties actually proposing viable solutions to our existential crisis, why not?

    Hasn’t the systemic psychological entanglement become clear yet?

    If you still don’t understand how the 2 corporate parties are splitting the public between them, telling each half different lies–the racist-sexist-religionist-anti-intellectual-struggle-in-a-harsh-world lie, vs. the we’re-still-liberal-despite-all-the-evidence lie, and signaling to the peeling off and growing third half the you-might-as-well-despair lie–and thus the 2 are collaborating to maintain the psycho-eco-political-economic system of objectifying oligarchic dominance despite the overwhelming will of that public, why not? Where have you been for the past 40 years?

    Why haven’t you been paying attention and learning how the world works? How come you still don’t get that the only changes that will actually solve this crisis are so radically different from what we have–because they’re so completely practical, and responsive to reality of both humans and the rest of nature–that neither corporate party can survive their implementation and so will never allow them to be implemented?

    How come you’re not part of the revolution yet?

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