Trump to Planet: You’re Fired

October 20, 2017

Clean out your desk.


5 Responses to “Trump to Planet: You’re Fired”

  1. dumboldguy Says:

    What is going on with Crockers? In spite of an ever increasing number of “amazing people that are following this blog” and the large number of great posts by Peter over the past few weeks, the number and quality of the comments appears to have tailed off sharply. Some posts have gotten NO comments at all.

    Are we getting beaten down by the never ending stream of insanity emanating from Trump and his minions? Do we find it discouraging that they seem bent on destroying the country and the planet? Do we feel that there is now no hope for avoiding CAGW? Are we going to sit in the corner and sulk while that happens?

    I hope not. In hope of raising everyone’s spirits a bit, I offer a science joke:

    Munich traffic cop pulls over Werner Heisenberg, says to him “Herr Heisenberg, do you know how fast you were going?”

    Heisenberg replies, “No, officer, but I know exactly where I am”

    • Hey, I do my part. When my comments are permitted to appear, the comment count usually balloons up by 20 or so, but one of mine wasn’t permitted a week or two ago, so I couldn’t help that particular post’s comment count. I also do my bit to tell my skeptic pals to have a look at this blog as an example of where AGWism seems to be headed, but it could also be that since y’all are apparently lurching ever farther into some pretty wild non-science related conspiracy theory about Trump, Russians, racism, etc, it could be a turnoff for even your guys to want to comment on. The trainwreck entertainment might be sending the view count up, but the comment count would then suffer.

    • redskylite Says:

      A lot of people read Peter’s posts regularly but do not enter any comments; Crocks is fairly liberally moderated and allows a fair degree of skepticism/denial, which may put some off, especially those who like to avoid conflict. I know he also posts/links on alternative social media outlets, which may be more popular than wordpress. I see a lot of links to his “crocks” postings on other threads. He is doing a fine job keeping focused on the issues, and seems to have immense passion and enthusiasm. Applause from me.

  2. dumboldguy Says:

    “I do my part”, says Russell the Denier Whore for Heartland. LMAO!!!

    Remember, by his own admission, Russell is a “guy that knows no science and was dragged in off the street” and paid to spout denier BS on the web. The only time Russell’s comments cause the comment count to go up here is when those of us who DO know some science (and adhere to a code of ethics) take him to task for clogging up the threads with his lies and distortions.

    Now he is maundering on about the “conspiracies” behind the catastrophes that are the present state of the world under the Trump administration, including the racism that has been part of this country since BEFORE the Revolution (and as I have mentioned before, is likely to have been the major cause behind it—-read Slave Nation and be enlightened).

    Go away, Russell, you useless POS!

    • So. Pretend you are in a courtroom, and my defense lawyer reads your above statement to the jury and asks you what your verbatim source for that was. You’d no doubt point to your favorite ICCC9 video of me. But when the lawyer asks where I admitted to being “paid to spout denier BS on the web”, you wouldn’t be able to point to any part of the video to back up your claim, would you? So what’s your fallback position there? Show us the verbatim admission. Regarding your bit that I’m a supposedly self-admitted “guy that knows no science,” that isn’t really what I said in the video, is it? For all your pointing to this video as some kind of indictment, how would you respond if the lawyer asks you what the remainder of its content means to you, in relation to why you think my lack of climate science expertise disqualifies what I spoke about?

      If the lawyer points to extended detail verbatim quotation from your assorted respected leaders at my GelbspanFiles posts as evidence to back up what I point out as being inconsistent contradictory material from them, and then asks what verbatim material or other evidence you have to back up your direct accusations against me and larger corporate corruption accusations you might have against folks like Dr Richard Lindzen, what material would you at hand to point to?

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