Not Just California, Gulf Coast, Puerto Rico: Hurricane, Fires Rage in Europe

October 16, 2017


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Severe Weather EU:

Numerous wildfires are currently raging in Portugal and NW Spain. There are approximately 440 ongoing fires in Portugal, 26 of them major, being fought by over 3700 firefighters. There are over 130 ongoing fires in Spain, at least 15 in Galicia alone. The fires in Galicia may merge into a single large fire, warns regional government president Alberto Nunez Feijoo. Fatalities have been reported in both countries. The fires are fueled by very dry vegetation, result of a very dry spring and summer and strong winds, gusting at up to 90 km/h locally.

Below, Hurricane Ophelia pounds the UK, while pushing smoke from Portugal wildfires into the rest of Europe.


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Gusts of up to 92mph have already hit the south west coast and forecasters warned that worse is yet to come. Ophelia has put Ireland on lockdown and left more than 120,000 homes without power, as parts of the UK brace for hurricane-force winds and the Met Office warns of a potential “danger to life”.




3 Responses to “Not Just California, Gulf Coast, Puerto Rico: Hurricane, Fires Rage in Europe”

  1. J4Zonian Says:

    Droughts, floods, fires, hurricanes, ecosystem disruptions, civil wars, failed states, tens of millions of refugees, hundreds of thousands to millions of casualties… Everything at the same time, piling on worse and worse for centuries, easing off somewhere between a thousand years from now, and never. If we come through this it will be without tens of thousands of the creatures we love and depend on, and people are still on the internet denying that anything is happening and denying that scientists know exactly what they’re doing.

    I’m so sick of right wing insane morons I could throw up.

  2. indy222 Says:

    When betrayal to present and future life on Earth reaches proportions impossible to ignore, what happens to most who have followed this route, is retreat into psychosis. Not an emergence into sanity. Emergence into sanity is possible only for those who are made of stern enough stuff to handle the short term pain of acknowledging”I was SO wrong, so petty and self-ish, and so self-made blind!”. That sure doesn’t look like Trump or anyone who has supported him and tipped us past the psycho-political tipping point into padded-walls straight-jacketed lots’o’funny-colored pills raving insanity.

    • J4Zonian Says:

      Yes. But I think we can bring many people out of their collective psychosis by acknowledging it’s collective, and a psychosis, and that in a complicated way we own part of it, too. Projection, introjection, and more. We need collective therapy to get the process going.

      We can certainly expect more of what we’re seeing as society gets more and more pressure with disasters and the fragility of denial–we’ll see more superstition and turn to strict fathers to keep “order”–one of the main concerns of conservatives. It’s the reason I often refer to the crisis as climate chaos. More Christian cults, more disinterpretation of Christianity, more of the same in Islam, and new apocalyptic cults.

      I doubt if the pill’s colors are that funny.

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