Upstanders: Video Highlights Conservative Climate Warrior

October 14, 2017

Starbucks is sponsoring a nice series of short docs online, each addressing particular areas of American society that need attention.

Above, Former Congressman Bob Inglis investigates an island greatly at risk from climate change and sea level rise.

Below, managing transition in the West Virginia Coalfields.


5 Responses to “Upstanders: Video Highlights Conservative Climate Warrior”

  1. Jerry Falwel Says:

    When you make a claim it helps to have some idea of what the facts are. That disappearing island has been disappearing for decades. Back in 2004 the Feds came out with a nice report on the cause and possible cures. Basically the shifting currents are moving the sandbar which is the north end of the island somewhere else. The remedy was to put in rock berms. That solution was pretty expensive so nobody did anything. Sea level rise on that part of the coast is effected by two items, a rise in the actual ocean of about 3 inches in the next 100 years as the planet continues to come out of the little ice age and continental rebound as the magna under the ground shifts back towards the continental middle after the ice melted off from the last ice age, that movement is pretty slow and drops the edges of the continent. The ocean is not rising the land in sinking. It does not help that a lot of groundwater is being pumped out for all those people living on the island and ashore. That contributes to the drop in the land. Most of the problem is groundwater caused subsidence which affects the whole area. Climate change in itself is a rather minor, very minor problem.

  2. Jerry Falwel Says:

    This is an interesting graft using NOAA data, no increase in number or intensity.

  3. redskylite Says:

    Thanks for including this interesting clip Peter and it is good to see another sensible politician who understands that Climate Change is a science problem and not a political problem to be manipulated in a post-truth political world by people with absolutely no conscience or morals.

    The U.S Army Corps of Engineers did a detailed study of Tangier, Virginia in 2015 and came to the conclusion sea level rise is the major cause of erosion. Diminishing groundwater is also playing a part. The study is well documented and the CoE did their usual professional and competent part, don’t let the manufacturers of fake news convince you there is any doubt or debate.

    “Tangier is a complex of five separate islands, including Tangier, Goose, Fox, Watts and the Uppards Island. Watts Island, which lies approximately 4.5 miles to the southeast of Tangier, is the southernmost island of this chain. These islands represent the remnants of a peninsula that extended from the Maryland Eastern Shore down into Virginia waters. This landform has been almost entirely lost as a result of sea level changes that occurred since the end of the last Ice Age.
    The remaining islands have continued to erode, subside, and decline in area as sea level continues to rise.

  4. Stuart Mathieson Says:

    I see Jerry Falwell Jnr is just like his father. At the Oxford Union Debate NZ PM David Lange said “I can smell the uranium on your breath!”
    If Jerry Jnr is correct ever piece of land on the planet is sinking. The man is either an idiot or a con artist.

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