Fossilized: Trump Locking US into the Energy Past

October 12, 2017


7 Responses to “Fossilized: Trump Locking US into the Energy Past”

  1. Ron Voisin Says:


    6 degrees C in the next 7 years??? DISASTER, date for Armageddon moved forward.

    • ubrew12 Says:

      70. 6 C ‘could’ happen by 2090 or so, but its not likely. If we take no action on climate change, then its more likely.

      BTW: California is on fire, thanks to the Koch Brothers and their ownership of state legislatures in places like Ohio. And that’s just from 1 C of anomaly. You REALLY, really don’t want to see 2 C, much less 6 C. Anything above 4 C is a catastrophe, imho.

      • J4Zonian Says:

        CO2 has gone up so fast the last 50 years, the changes in temperature and even more, ice melt and ecological disruption can’t keep up. Since 1°C is a disaster and would thus only get worse even if CO2 didn’t rise, 1.5°C is probably about as high as we can go and still have a civilization even as cohesive as we have now. Since there’s only about a 0.05% chance of staying under 2, and we’re most likely shooting above 4 on the way to wherever we finish up, at this point probably nothing short of an immediate massive peaceful revolution (India, Czechoslovakia, South African and US apartheid…) only faster, followed by a US-led global climate mobilization like that that won WWII will save us.

  2. Jerry Falwel Says:

    What is with people who love doom and gloom. The cases cited are worse case models which even for the people who wrote this are very unlikely. If one looks at the actual data, the claims are impossible. STAR for example has the world cooling off.

    California fires are most likely the result of arson or carelessness. There is a claim PG&E had downed wires before one fire started which may be true, at this point nobody has confirmed anything. All those fire suddenly starting almost at once in the absence of thunderstorm activity is not a natural cause.

    All the damage from the california fires could have been avoided if people in brush and forest areas had bothered to follow CAL Fire advice to clear fire breaks around every structure and make sure you do not have trees and brush up next to your home or business. It is possible the fire department response lacked something as well, that will have to be determined.

    The Koch bothers have zero to do with these fires and climate change has zero to do with these fires. Thanks to the above average rain this last rain season we did get a lot more grass growth and brush growth which has started to reverse the conditions of the previous years of drought. That drought was actually pretty minor in the big picture as California has had droughts lasting hundreds of years long before 31 million people lived in this state.

  3. Jerry Falwel Says:

    I have nothing against solar or wind or fart electrical power, what I want is for you to pay for your power and to keep your hand out of my pocket for your power. Those tax credits which is the only reason any wind or solar is built are a direct theft of my money and others money by government using its power to steal the money which is than given out as tax credits winding up in the hands of people like the owner of tesla motors. Why would anybody want to make that guy rich on their money?

    Buy solar, install a wind generator, more power to you. Pay for it yourself.

    • Bill Ramsay Says:

      Fair do’s. by that token then let’s remove the tax breaks for oil and gas, oh, and when coal companies take shelter in bankruptcy, let’s sell the assets and really close them down. after, we don’t want to be paying for that now do we?

  4. Great interview, thanks for posting, Peter.

    I like particularly Tim Ryan’s suggestion that Democrats focus on talking to people in the coal country and other rural, small town, conservative-leaning areas of America. We should talk and listen to people, hear and respect their concerns wherever we can.

    I have a personal goal of doing some of this between now and the 2018 elections. Just go door to door and talk Americans in a conservative district or two, to show them that while I trend liberal I can still enjoy their company and hear and appreciate their concerns.

    It worries me that the Democratic party sees opportunities particularly in unseating moderate Republicans from swing districts. While the pollsters and strategists may have identified this as the easy route to picking up seats in the House, it tends to further polarize our politics. The risk is that they get their potential allies across the aisle voted out of office. Some of those allies are pretty reasonable politically, so this risks winning the battle while losing the war. Tim Ryan obviously gets this, and I hope for Democrats sake that he can get this message through to them.

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