Trump/Russia MegaDonor Mercer – Climate Denier, Traitor. Surprise Twist – Also a Racist.

October 9, 2017



Vanity Fair:

A day after Facebook disclosed that ads purchased by Russia before and after the 2016 election may have reached as many as 10 million people in the United States, a clearer picture of the Kremlin’s micro-targeting operation has emerged. Sources tell CNN that Russia took aim at two swing states that ultimately proved critical for Trump’s victory in the 2016 election: Michigan and Wisconsin, states where Trump beat Hillary Clinton by just over 33,000 votes in total. The ads, which CNN reports were “highly sophisticated” in their targeting of key demographic groups, are the first indication of what parts of the country Russian operatives may have tried to sway during the election and raises new questions about whether they had any help.

This new evidence could be critical as Justice Department special counsel Robert Mueller and congressional investigators continue their probe into Russian interference in the election. It could bring new scrutiny to the election data operation run by Jared Kushner, which used Cambridge Analytica, the data-mining firm funded by Trump backer Robert Mercer, to place ads on Facebook. Both the firm and Kushner have denied any collusion with foreign agents, but some members of Congress have openly wondered whether Russians somehow accessed their data. “I think the Russians had help,” said Congresswoman Jackie Speier, a California Democrat and a member of the House Intelligence Committee. “I’ve always wondered if Cambridge Analytica was part of that.”

Raw Story:

Robert Mercer – the “Renaissance Technologies” co-chief executive who bankrolled Donald Trump’s presidential campaign – once said black Americans are “the only racist people remaining in the U.S.,” according to a lawsuit brought by former employee David Magerman.

Mercer who, alongside daughter Rebekah Mercer, fought to install chief White House strategist Steve Bannon and counselor to the president Kellyanne Conway in the Trump administration, allegedly made “a series of racist comments” in conversation with Magerman.

According to a complaint filed by the former “Renaissance” employee, Mercer allegedly told Magerman the US “began to go in the wrong direction after the passage of the Civil Rights Act in the 1960.” Mercer also told Magerman that black people “were doing just fine” before its passage and insisted they are the “only racist people remaining in the U.S.”

“Magerman was stunned by these comments and pushed back” against Mercer, the complaint reads.

Magerman is suing Mercer for wrongful termination after he was fired for criticizing Mercer’s support of the president.


Standing in front of a crowd of influential climate science deniers and conspiracy theorists, Myron Ebell was in a triumphant mood.

It’s the people who have worked persistently against global warming alarmism that made this election possible,” said Ebell, referring to the election of Donald J. Trump as president.

Ebell was handpicked by Trump to lead the “transition team” at the United States Environmental Protection Agency and was one of a parade of speakers at the Heartland Institute’s conference in Washington, D.C. last week that included Republican Congressman Lamar Smith, chair of the House science committee.

But arguably the most influential people hanging around the ballroom of the Grand Hyatt Hotel were billionaire hedge fund manager Robert Mercer and his daughter Rebekah.

Mercers Funding Climate Denial
The Mercer family were key financial backers of Trump’s successful presidential campaign, but were also key influencers in the makeup of Trump’s administration.

As key investors in Breitbart, the Mercers worked with that right-wing outlet’s former boss Steve Bannon, who is now Trump’s chief strategist.

The Mercer Family Foundation, led by Rebekah, has given heavily to climate science denial groups like Heartland.

Their latest $100,000 donation, declared in the Mercer Family Foundation’s 2015 tax form, takes their financial backing of Heartland to more than $5 million since the first $1 million check was written in 2008.

As DeSmog has reported, the Mercers have also donated to several of the Heartland Institute conference sponsors, including the Heritage Foundation and the Media Research Center, which has received more than $13 million from the Mercer Family Foundation.

But as is the custom for Rebekah and Robert, they declined interview requests from journalists and stayed in the background of a conference characterized by no short measure of triumphalism mixed with some frustration that the Trump administration is not pushing even harder to pull apart regulations and rules tied to action on climate change.

One recipient of a Heartland Institute “lifetime achievement award,” marketing professor Scott Armstrong, even compared the world of climate science deniers to the heroic firefighters of the 9/11 terrorist attacks in New York



3 Responses to “Trump/Russia MegaDonor Mercer – Climate Denier, Traitor. Surprise Twist – Also a Racist.”

  1. webej Says:

    The Russians had help — could never have mustered the effort all by themselves without good old Amercan know how. They just supplied the money and the means.

    • greenman3610 Says:

      means, motive, opportunity, and identical MO to “climate gate” email affair.
      If this was “Coldcase – Climate”, or “CSI – DC”, there’d be a team on it.

  2. Jerry Falwel Says:

    Hillary spent about 1 billion on her side. the russians bought 100,000 dollars in ads if we believe the claims from Facebook. How is that tiny number going to change anything? The ads did not actually mention either Hillary or Trump, they were ads pointing out russian’s side of the debate on issues. Obama spent 31 billion on thugs running the Ukraine to throw out the elected president at gun point, that seems to me to a much bigger interference in government and elections.

    This whole thing reminds of Bill Clinton’s problems. He got a blow job in the white house and that leads to various charges since he tried to deny it. He was never impeached as he did nothing wrong legally except lie to congress about the blow job.
    The whole investigation was payback for Watergate by the republicans, here the establishment democrats along with the establishment republicans who do not want any change try to tie Trump up for years just like they did with Bill Clinton.

    Meanwhile many substantial issues that need fixing are not fixed from the ACA, illegals, nuclear arms, how to contain the muslims wanting to blow us up etc, etc, etc. Congress needs to change to get people in interested in making actual changes.

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