Colbert on Trump, Puerto Rico

October 4, 2017

Have a good time.


2 Responses to “Colbert on Trump, Puerto Rico”

  1. metzomagic Says:

    I suppose this doesn’t really need a comment, so I’ll just leave some little pigeon droppings here and piss off…

    Oh, you’re still here. Then why is it that the comedians always nail politically incisive commentary the best? Too bad the mainstream press keeps letting us down lately. Pwned by their owners with megabucks of vested interests perhaps?

  2. danialcblog Says:

    You’ve thrown our budget out of whack?

    How the fuck would he know?

    He has no budget and neither has the Senate. The House has some scribbles on paper that it’s trying to pass off as a budget but Paul Ryan wisely refuses to have it scored by the CBO.

    There will be no budget in 2017 and definitely none in 2018. The Republicans can’t afford the mid term seat loss.

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