Trailer: Blue Planet 2 Trailer is a Mini Meditation Retreat

October 1, 2017


In case you wondered, more about the lush soundtrack below.



4 Responses to “Trailer: Blue Planet 2 Trailer is a Mini Meditation Retreat”

  1. indy222 Says:

    Beautiful, and sad. This is what we are losing. The music hits the right emotional mood to take people where they need to go if we’re going to find the resolve to do 10x more than we are, and try to save the oceans and ourselves. I’ve said in other venues, that what is needed is a film something like a “On the Beach” (Stanley Kramer 1959) but for climate, which will evoke the human meaning and the infinite sadness which rightfully should be called up. Really, I’m so impatient with the “Hope and Heroism” nonsense, the pablam that puts us into complacency that some smarties somewhere will save us with just some brilliance and some tweeking here and there as we sail, growth Uber Alles, to a new Energy Future. No we won’t. The real answers are far more painful.

    • dumboldguy Says:

      Well said—-beautiful images and “lush” soundtracks are enjoyable, but the unwashed and the WIFI need to be exposed to the painful realities of what bad shape the oceans really are in.

      Warming, acidification, pollution (particularly with plastics), overfishing (much of it illegal and in spite or regulations), habitat loss and species extinction—-the oceans are in big trouble, and we are still engaging in wishful thinking.

      PS Personal observation. Was at a NJ beach this summer (Ventnor, below Atlantic City) while they were dredging and pumping sand for a beach replenishment project. Dirty, smelly “new” sand, and the runoff water was green and smelly. They closed the beach—-apparently people have come down with skin and respiratory ailments from going in the dirty water.
      They will let you go back in a couple of hours after the pumping ceases for the day—–the ocean is BIG, after all, and the currents WILL wash away the nastiness (until there is so much everywhere that it becomes impossible)

  2. Lionel Smith Says:

    Attenborough is thought of as a National Treasure, I would go further and describe him as a ‘Global Treasure’.

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